Australia through Pakistan to T20 WC final

Pakistan 176/4 (20) – Australia 177/5 (19). Another below-equator cricket team was able to pass a semifinal game. After New Zealand beat England on Wednesday, Australia passed Pakistan on Thursday.

The Aussies won the toss and predictably decided to bowl first. This first stage of the match was quite interesting. Almost all the balls were faced by three Pakistani batters: Rizwan, Azam, and Zaman. All of them overcame a 100 strike rate, but only the latter scored an influential 171.9 SR. In the final overs, Pakistan lost a few wickets too fast, but it seemed to have a little impact on the result.

After the teams changed sides, the game was developing in a tight scenario. Shadab Khan demolished four wickets solely, giving a good SR only for Warner, whose conversion was at the level of 163. However, the first ten overs brought half of the needed runs for Australia, so every team had real chances for the final game.

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Everything could happen for both sides until the appearance of Matthew Wade. He was the last who joined the Australian batting efforts and delivered 41 runs in just 17 balls, with an SR 241! It was enough to finish the game with one reserve over.

The Pakistani unbeaten series came to an end, and they should be really disappointed. They batted and bowled well during the whole tournament and in the semifinals, but a crazy Wade made a difference. On the contrary, Australia should be rather happy to overcome such a tough opponent, but that wasn’t the only hard game for them. However, the most important match will be the final against their sea neighbours, New Zealand, which will take place in Dubai on November 14. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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