Delhi Capitals beat Punjab Kings; Warner chased Sharma

The Wednesday encounter between Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings gave an additional item for the public to discuss, except the result. Thus, the opening batter of the DC, David Warner, scored his thousand against the single opponent in the IPL.

Previously, such a result was gained only by Rohit Sharma, who delivered 1018 runs against Kolkata Knight Riders. In the encounter against PBKS, Warner scored a crucial 60 from 30 not out, helping his team to win, and bypassed a 1000-run target. That was especially important for the Delhi Capitals, who are closer to the bottom of the table rather than the top. The team needed a victory not to say goodbye to the chances of finishing in the top-4 and going to the playoffs.

However, most of the job for DC was done by its bowlers rather than batters. Punjab Kings opened the game with batting and weren’t able to take points regularly. Their best scoring result was 32, while only four out of all batters passed a 10-run barrier. It brought a poor 119 for 10, although PBKS used all 20 overs of the game.

Such a result inspired DC, and their batters came to the pitch with huge confidence. The opening duo of Warner and Shaw delivered 101, while the rest was added by Khan (partnership with the Australian). The game was over for PBKS in only the 11th over, while DC lost only a single wicket before reaching the needed 119.

This victory helped Delhi Capitals to earn their third victory in six games and helped to keep dreams of playoffs alive. Punjab Kings have the same amount of points but grabbed in seven games. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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