During the IPL season, Indian bettors are way attentive towards the latest cricket news and try to forecast the next game’s result to win some cash. However, love for sports and cricket, in particular, isn’t the only reason. India is a developing country with the rapid growth of smartphones’ number and access to high-speed internet. The development is mirrored in the bookmaking industry, which is increasing by 20% annually. The restrictions of land-based gambling also mean greater attention to the online sector, where digital casinos and sports bet sites are growing faster in such conditions.

At the same time, all these elements create perfect preconditions for scammers and untrusted bet sites in India. Betting on unreliable websites can lead to monetary losses due to owners’ cheating with the withdrawal process. This guide will help to avoid common mistakes and give an insight into how to make the right decision in a matter of minutes.

What should trusted betting sites offer in general?

The primary features of all top betting sites don’t depend on the country or location of their activity. Punters all over the globe can make wagers on trustworthy websites if they know top 5 elements of reliable bookies:


License origin

License – is the cornerstone element that distinguishes a bookmaker from the website that has odds lines for sports events. The licensing procedure is a complicated process, which includes checking the financial and technical facilities for the smooth working of the wagering platform.

The owner’s personality is also confirmed, along with his legal status (absence of problems with the laws). Dozens of other aspects are checked before giving a license, independently of the destination. License is a must, whether it is a cricket betting site, football-focused platform, or a typical universal wagering website.

However, the license origin plays a more important role. Some countries provide their own checking procedure and give permission, while other states trust overseas allowances. Among the leading licensing hubs are Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao. If the bookie has permission from one of these states – it’s a confirmation of the quality of the online betting sites.


Importance of sports variety for bookmakers

The diversity of sports competitions is another vital element for a bookie. Wider sports variety means a better specialisation in the field and automatically increases trust. Although the presence of cricket, football, and kabaddi can seem enough for the Indian betting site, esports, badminton, and table tennis should be added to the list.

Odds height and diversity

Many professional bettors choose the bookmaker depending on the odds’ variety and height. That is critical in the long run, as lower margins mean higher winnings. The diversity helps to apply sports tips and choose more exact picks. For instance, IPL wagers are better to make on dedicated cricket betting sites.


The financial issue of bookmakers can be divided into two subcategories:

  • Variety of payment options
  • Speed of transactions

The ideal situation is the combination of huge variety and fast transactions. However, there are many factors that influence both items. Among the key ones are the specifics of the country’s financial sector and the level of security offered by the bookie.

Technical functioning and support

If you open the top 10 betting sites, you’ll find smooth functioning of the platforms, which is facilitated by live support. Industry leaders know that customer service is the key to players’ high retention and overall satisfaction.

The above-mentioned guide to choosing bookmakers forms a core for Indian bettors too. However, local bettors have to pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • Legality
  • Financial specifics
  • Sports preferences

It doesn’t mean that India’s best betting sites shouldn’t have live support or wide sports variety. But those aspects are critical for all the online bookies independently of the location, while the legal and financial issues are quite specific in India.

TAlmost all forms of gambling are forbidden in India due to the Public Gambling Act of 1867. The next review of the issue was made in 2000 with the appearance of the Information Technology Act. However, the latter document has too weird formulations, and so courts mainly refuse to rely on it when discussing gambling cases.

It led to the situation when the federal government gave states the right to deal with all the forms of gambling. Three states decided to legalise land-based casinos, but the majority of the territories forbid games of chance. However, almost all the restrictions towards gambling relate to brick-and-mortar activity, while the digital sector is mainly free. Nonetheless, the local government doesn’t allow having an online betting site in India, while venues registered abroad aren’t prohibited.

These nuances mean that Indian players have to seek the bookmaker with a reliable license, received in Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar. Bookies with UK’s or Swedish permission are also trusted ones, but those documents mean higher taxes and rarely go to India with lower chances to earn.


The local banks are ready to cooperate with the abroad bookies and top betting sites in India. It means that reliable bookmakers have to offer rupees as the paying currency. It correlates with the easy use of bank cards and direct transactions. However, it can take some time (up to a few days), while the data about you will be stored in a bank.

The next variant for Indian players to deposit and withdraw money are using e-wallets like PayTM or PayPal. Choosing this option means that you can cooperate with a bet site in India faster and safer but with a higher fee.

All Indians love cricket as their national activity. The popularity of this game easily exceeds the attention of football as the global leader. Such a phenomenon is mirrored in the bookmaking activity. Betting cricket sites form a core of the wagering industry, while free cricket predictions are among the most popular requests on the internet.

It means that reliable bookies propose a broad odds line specifically for cricket tournaments. When checking the wagering platform that doesn’t have a nice cricket section – leave it as not adjusted for India.

Knowing the aforementioned information, you may now easily determine if the bookmaker is good enough for Indian bettors. To sum up, let’s list all the needed features in short:

  • License availability and origin (mainly Curacao and Malta)
  • Broad odds line (with the emphasis on cricket)
  • Low margins (to earn more on the distance)
  • Payment options that include rupees and PayTM
  • Fast financial transactions
  • Smooth functioning and pleasant design
  • Live support

This checklist will help you to choose the best betting site in India with ease.

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