MI continued their fall, losing to PBKS

The most titled team of the IPL, Mumbai Indians, failed another match, the fifth in a row. This time, the team wasn’t able to chase Punjab Kings.

PBKS started from batting and achieved a decent result. The most contribution was made by opening batters, where Agarwal scored 52 from 32, while Dhawan added another 70 from 50. After that, the Kings were a bit relaxed and lost a scoring tempo, but they still finished great with 198 for 5.

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It promised a tough life for Mumbai Indians. Although none of the MI batters made a half-century, the ones like Sharma, Yadav, Varma, and Brevis delivered a few dozen each with an SR of 140+. It left the Indians in the game until the end, but they failed the last three overs. Being at 166 for 5, the batters added only 6,5 and 9 runs, respectively, finalising the scoreboard with 186 for 9.

This defeat left MI at the bottom of IPL’s table with zero scored points, while the team also has the worst NRR. PBKS grabbed their third victory in five games, which allowed them to join a huge group of teams with a similar result. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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