Indian Cricket News: Overview, Results & Predictions

Being the favourite sport in all the dimensions, cricket takes a top place in the interests of the sports for Indians. The overall love is accelerated by the strong national team and the strongest clubs’ competitions in the country like the Ranji and Vijay Hazare Trophies and, of course, the IPL. The backside of love for cricket news is the desire to earn more on betting, where the same game dominates the wagering activity.


The desire to know the latest news is something that is built inside every person. Depending on their personal preferences, some people like politics or economics, others want to know more about science and technology. As cricket is one of the widespread hobbies in several countries, it makes this section for news among the most viewable there. Moreover, many fans are excited to read cricket predictions, which help them to check their own feelings with other thoughts.

As one of the core regions for cricket is middle and south Asia, it creates perfect preconditions for the game’s year-round activity. The climate is mild during the whole year, so the games can be played daily. The region is close to the Indian Ocean and Himalayas at the same time, creating nice preconditions for the often fall-out. Cricket fans know that the weather is one of the defining factors for choosing the side after the toss, adding variability to the games’ outcomes.

All in all, the cricket news section is rather popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several neighbouring states due to the following reasons:

  • Cricket can be played there all year-round.
  • A mild but humid climate makes game results more unpredictable.
  • Local national teams are strong on the global stage.
  • Domestic competitions attract stars from all over the world.
  • The news section unites the interest of fans, giving all the needed info.
Despite the dominant popularity of cricket in many Asian states, India can be called the core. An over billion population feeds local teams with professional bowlers and batters that went through a tough competition. It gives domestic clubs the best of the best, turning the national squad into a default favourite on the international stage.
  • At the same time, the BCCI was able to create an attractive product for overseas fans. The Indian Premier League is the most viewable cricket competition in the world, with the budgets and structure close to the world-known organisations as the English Premier League in football, National Basketball Association in basketball, and National Hockey League in hockey. Such a status has allowed it to attract the best foreign players, while the broadcasting rights are promoted by Disney company. Of course, Indians are proud of their involvement in the top cricket events, so follow the latest news concerning the bat-and-ball game.
  • The Indian cricket system is hard for understanding for the unprepared reader. There are multiple formats and types of events, while the players can migrate and perform for diverse squads during the year. Let’s list the most viewable and important events with short descriptions of them, which are the core for the Indian cricket news feed:

    1. IPL (Twenty20 cricket format, shorter and more attractive for viewers). The Indian Premier League is a two-month tournament that is held between eight franchises that are evenly distributed all over the country. As the competition is rather short (only two months), teams collect their squads almost from scratch every year. To exclude the dominance of either side, draft rules with alternate picks are applied, making the competition tough every year. As a rule, the other top-tier cricket events are absent during this two-month period, so all the news is about the IPL teams.
    2. Ranji Trophy (first-class cricket format, with up to three days per matchup). The Indian national clubs’ tournament with upper and lower divisions is held for longer than two months. It was seriously restructured several times but still can be considered as one of the oldest and strongest Indian cricket tournaments. The news about teams and their players are in high demand, especially during the knock-out stage.
    3. Vijay Hazare Trophy (limited-overs format, so the match ends in one day). That is a competition involving Ranji Trophy teams but with a quite different division for the round-robin stage. Also, the difference in the format brings more unpredictability to the game compared to first-class cricket and Ranji Trophy accordingly.

    All these tournaments have their historical preconditions and change of formats, so attract a wider audience. Although it may seem confusing to see the same surnames in the different teams’ news, that is what Indians really love about their local cricket.

    As a rule, sports news is often used in betting activity. Passionate fans are ready to follow the latest updates and know a lot about teams and concrete players in particular. It helps them to keep in mind the overall shape of the squad and predict the outcome of the future clash.

    The same principle works with cricket too. Professional Indian bettors are actively following the latest news in cricket to be more precise with their wagers. The most successful of them can achieve up to 80% of the right predictions and significantly top-up their wallets. Just because of reading the latest cricket news and understanding how to convert the information.

    The news feed is a rather specific source of information. To make the right prediction, one hasn’t to read every article and tweet related to the latest cricket news. On the contrary, it’s enough to learn more about the only battling teams and delve into the statistics. It will help to save time and be more precise when visiting cricket betting sites and making particular bets.

    However, if you want to turn cricket betting into a profitable hobby, in the long run, the latest cricket news should become your first request in the morning. It will save a lot of time while preparing for a particular game as some information will already be known to you. Also, knowing all the updates allows you to see the whole picture of the tournament, so you will better know the context. For instance, if you read the news feed, you know how the captain or head coach is usually talking. So, when they change their narrative, you’ll easily define it and will know what is going on, while such info from scratch will have a different effect.

    Actually, that is always up to you. All people prefer different formats: shorter or longer, with more or less author’s mind, outcomes and conclusions included or not. Some cricket fans just love the particular style of the journalist who is writing news.

    We at cricket14 try to bring diverse formats of giving cricket news. Our materials can be short and precise to give only the needed information, while some articles are typical analytical long-reads. We hope you’ll find everything you need about your favourite game, while we’ll try to develop and cover as much as we can about cricket.

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