Himachal Pradesh took their first Vijay Hazare Trophy beating Tamil Nadu

Dramatic finals for domestic Indian cricket competitions is a typical story. A month ago, Tamil Nadu gained Syed Mushtaq Ali from the last ball and scored six runs. However, this time, they became runners-up in the clash for Vijay Hazare, which was decided by the VJD method in favour of Himachal Pradesh.

The batting side for Tamil Nadu was pretty good with 314 runs. The team was stopped in the last over and lost its last wicket, but the number of runs and RR of 6.29 was pretty good for the victory.

But the bowling by the team wasn’t the best that day. Tamil Nadu found only four wickets before the match was stopped in the 47th over. By this time, Himachal Pradesh scored confident 299 runs and were on the final stage to gain the trophy.

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However, the bad light and referees stopped the game a bit earlier. At that moment, Himachal Pradesh had a run rate of 6.32 and 299 runs with an unbeaten duo of Dhawan (42) and Arora (136). The latter also received an MVP of the final due to an incredible impact in the game. Want to know more about free cricket news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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