India lost to New Zealand, doubting their play-off chances

India 110 (7) in 20 overs – New Zealand 111 (2) in 14.3 overs. One of the heavy favourites of the whole T20 World Cup, India, loses their second consecutive match at the tournament. After the painful defeat to Pakistan, the dream team wasn’t able to bat promising against New Zealand.

The start of the game wasn’t good enough as only two of the Indian batters could score more runs than caught balls. New Zealand was strong and unpredictable in bowling, making it hard for batters to score something promising. 110 runs have never been a promising result.

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New Zealand continued their strong performance after switching sides. They finished the game during the 15th over, showing enough mastery. That was an important result for the islanders, who also lost to Pakistan in their opening game. Now, New Zealand has to overcome Afghanistan, Namibia, and Scotland to secure the play-off spot. India must also deal with the three opponents but hope for New Zealand loss and a better net run-rate to climb from the bottom. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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