New Zealand is lucky to tie a first Test match against India

The last day of the first Test between hosting India and guests from New Zealand ended with a draw. The referees decided to interrupt the game with only one wicket left to take a victory for India, but there wasn’t enough light.

That was a pretty dramatic game with plenty of turning points. The first innings by India finished with a crucial 345 runs and lasted for 112 overs. New Zealand was able to come back and scored 296 in 143 overs. At this point, it was clear that the sides were ready to fight seriously. The second innings by India lasted for 81 overs, where the hosts scored 234 runs and lost seven wickets. They declared it should be enough.

However, the real intrigue was brought in the last innings, where the Kiwis had to chase 284 runs. At some point, the guests scored 80 with two lost wickets and 125 for four, which looked scary as Indian bowlers weren’t able to find a target.

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Nonetheless, Jadeja with four and Ashwin with three wickets sent New Zealand to a tough scenario. Having only 155 runs when chasing 284 with only one wicket remaining, the Kiwis were fighting for the result. Interestingly, the India-born Rachin Ravindra and Ajaz Patel were able to protect their wicket in 8 overs, where the issue of light became critical. Referees have no right to continue the game, and so drew this dramatic match. The next Test game between the sides will start on December 3, in Mumbai. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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