Quarterfinalists for Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy defined

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy winner in 2021 becomes closer after the preliminary quarterfinals are played. Almost all the matches were tough enough, with one unpredictable result.

The first battle for the quarterfinal was between Maharashtra and Vidarbha, Plate Group and Elite Group A participants. Although experts considered Vidarbha’s achievement of +4.967 RR as not so serious in the Plate Group, they won the clash against a strong Maharashtra. Moreover, that was the game without intrigue as the underdog overcame the favourite’s 157 runs in just 17.5 overs.

The next duel was between Himachal Pradesh and Kerala, runners-up of Elite Groups C and D, respectively. Here the game finished predictably, but Kerala needed 19.3 overs to overpass 145 runs by Himachal Pradesh.

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The last preliminary was similar to the previous one, where the favourite had to worry about his victory and closed it at the edge. Karnataka needed 19.5 overs to overcome Saurashtra’s 145 runs, showing the power of Elite Group B runner-up over the second place of the sextet E.

Preliminary stage results:

  • Maharashtra 157/8 (20) – Vidarbha 160/3 (17.5)
  • Himachal Pradesh 145/6 (20) – Kerala 147/2 (19.3)
  • Karnataka 150/8 (19.5) – Saurashtra 145/7 (20)

The quarterfinals will be played on November 18 in Delhi, on Palam A and Arun Jaitley stadiums, between the following opponents:

  • Tamil Nadu vs Kerala, Quarter Final 1
  • Bengal vs Karnataka, Quarter Final 2
  • Rajasthan vs Vidarbha, Quarter Final 3
  • Gujarat vs Hyderabad, Quarter Final 4

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