South Africa confidently beat India in the 3rd Test

The third game between the Proteas and the Men in Blue ended. After a roller coaster in the first three days of the last Test, the closing day wasn’t a one-team show.

After the third day, South Africa needed 111 runs when they stopped visitors in the 67 over with 198 runs of the second innings. As the first two days finished in the close scorecard, the conclusive attempt by the Proteas should decide the fate of the encounter. And that was a superb performance with only three wickets lost. The hosts closed in the series in the 64 over, successfully chasing the strong opponent.

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The most contribution to the last third Test made Petersen. He made 72 runs in the first inning and improved this result by ten runs in the second. For the guests, the impactful contribution was from Pant with his not out ton, and Kohli, who stayed alive for almost 350 balls. The next will be the ODI games between the teams. The first one should start on January 19. Want to know more about cricket news in India for today and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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