The owner of a cafe in Mumbai has come up with a special menu for cricket lovers

Health Juice Corner cafe in the large Indian metropolis of Mumbai (Bombay) offers its visitors a new fruit menu. “Cricket World Cup Menu” – this is the name for delicacies prepared according to special recipes and served in special dishes.

The owner of the Health Juice Corner cafe claims that the idea of ​​creating cocktails, cakes and salads from cricket was very popular with visitors. “I try to come up with new combinations and experiment with my recipes. The Cricket World Cup continues and I’m a big fan of it. I ordered specialties prepared in the form of the main trophy of the competition. Our customers really liked the offer, and they are happy to try new products. “- says the resourceful businessman.

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The top of the custom made crockery is shaped like a ball and turns into a deep crockery when opened. Here are the signature treats.

The new idea received a great response from the population. Cricket is a very popular game in India and during the championship the crowds of the Indian team will take to the streets. On the eve of the most important game with Sri Lanka, scheduled for March 23, the “cricket” menu has become the most relevant.

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