Vijay Hazare Trophy: quarterfinal pairs known

On the weekend, the first playoff stage of the Vijay Hazare Trophy was played. So, now we know all the quarterfinal pairs.

In the first encounter, Karnataka overcame Rajasthan by eight wickets. Although Rajasthan showed a slightly better run rate (4.78 vs 4.67), they lost all their wickets in the 42nd over. Instead, Karnataka was not so persuasive in scoring but more attentive with its own wickets, so they overcame opponents in the 43rd over and scored needed runs. Karnataka 204/2 (43.4) – Rajasthan 199/10 (41.4).

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In the second pair, Uttar Pradesh won Madhya by five wickets. That was a close game that lasted almost all 50 overs for both sides, but Uttar Pradesh was more attentive in protecting its own wickets, losing only half of them. Another day Madhya can celebrate the victory with a run rate of 4.74, but the opponent’s 4.82 led to a logical outcome. Uttar Pradesh 237/5 (49.1) – Madhya 234/10 (49.2).

The last duel was between Vidarbha and Tripura. And while in the previous matches, the chasing side won, here the batting-first team celebrated success. Vidarbha finished their innings with a run rate of 5.16 and lost only seven wickets, so the opponent needed to chase 258 runs. However, Tripura wasn’t even close to a comeback, as the opponent’s bowlers finished the game one over earlier and finalised RR of only 4.54 for Tripura. Vidarbha 258/7 (50) – Tripura 224/10 (49.2).

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Although the tournament grid was known even before the preliminary playoff matches were played, now we know the quarterfinal pairs. They are (+ dates for matches):

  • Himachal Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh (21.12.2021)
  • Tamil Nadu – Karnataka (21.12.2021)
  • Kerala – Services (22.12.2021)
  • Saurashtra – Vidarbha (22.12.2021)

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