Australia won the last Test against Pakistan and so the series

The third and final Test between hosting Pakistan and visiting Australia came to an end. With a 113 runs difference, the Aussies celebrated a victory in the longest cricket contest as the first two games finished in a draw.

The visitors opened the game with an essential 391 runs, while Pakistan responded only with 268 runs before the last wicket was lost. As the initial attempts took almost three days (133 and 116 overs, accordingly), the second innings by Australians stopped with 227 runs for three wickets, which were got in 60 overs.

The gap was crucial but still possible for the hosts to draw the game, at least. Moreover, they did similar things in the previous Tests, but not this time.

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Thus, the Men in Green were able to score only 235 runs and lost all the stumps. The most unfortunate was the second part of the hosting innings, where Australian bowlers allowed only 22 runs for the last five stumps.

So, Australia celebrates a deserved victory in the Test clash. That is their long-awaited success as the Aussies ignored tours to Pakistan since 1998 due to security concerns. The sides will also play three ODIs and one T20I, with the shorter clash to be in Lahore on March 29. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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