England destroyed in the last Ashes match against Australia

The last meeting under the flagship of the Ashes battle became one of the weakest for the guests. After losing three games and only one lucky draw, they had to show a bit of dignity before their cricket fans. However, the encounter finished in a crucial defeat.

Australia batted first and wasn’t great at the beginning of the first inning. The Aussies lost two batters with zero runs, but Head and Green delivered good numbers (101 and 74, respectively). All in all, 303 runs by the hosts’ 303 runs weren’t a scary number. However, England wasn’t able to chase even this amount of runs, responding with only 188. Moreover, it was done in the 47 overs – a disastrous result for Tests.

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Australia came to the second inning even with less passion and took only a poor 155 runs with no half-centuries. But such a low scoring wasn’t the worst at this game, as the English squad delivered only 124 – an awful number even for T20 in rainy weather.

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So, England had one of the worst Ashes series, with only a few positive signs. The team looked unprepared physically and psychologically, while the opponents dominated every second of the battle. The Ashes stays in Australia, and now it is hard to imagine what has to happen for the Britons to win the following event. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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