England finally draws the 4th Ashes against Australia

The Brittons grabbed a draw in the fourth Test against Aussies after three defeats in a row. Although the sides didn’t fight for anything except prestige, English athletes were close to another defeat but saved face.

Australia took 416 runs in the first innings, adding another 265 runs in the second. They didn’t even lose all the wickets but gave a chance for England to fight back. Although English batting wasn’t too bad considering tough conditions, they were far from taking the lead as they batted second. The first innings brought visitors 294 runs and left a few chances to gain a win. So, the only target was a draw, and the last batters kept the last wicket safe until the referee decided to stop the game.

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In the fourth Test, the most productive player was Khawaja, who scored 137 runs in the first innings and added 101 not out in the second for the Aussies. For the visitors, the most productive was Bairstow, with 113 and 41 runs from two attempts. The last Test between the sides will start on January 14. Want to know more about cricket news in India and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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