India defeated New Zealand in the first T20I

The first home match of the series between India and New Zealand brought a nice cricket to the viewers. Both teams did their best to deliver quality, although they returned from UAE disappointed.

New Zealand lost the toss and was batting first as Rohit Sharma decided to chase on the home ground. Indians showed a passion and hit the first wicket in the first over when Kumar caught Mitchell from the very first ball. The slow start by the Kiwis was broken only in the 6th over, when they scored more than ten runs, delivering 15.

The next successful period for the guests was in the 11th and 12th overs when they scored more than ten again. However, this positive streak was ruined in the 14th over, when New Zealand lost two wickets. All in all, only Guptill, with 70 runs from 42 balls and Chapman with 63 from 50 balls, contributed to the final score of 164 runs and six wickets.

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India dived into the game a bit faster and was able to score more than 10 in the 3rd over, while in the fifth one, they delivered a significant 21 runs. However, they lost a wicket in the following interval. The next successful period was in the middle when in the 12th, 15th, and 16th overs, the Men in Blue scored more than ten in each.

The game’s final stage seemed to be close as Indian batters were below the 100 SR in the 17th and 18th overs but delivered the needed result in the last one. Among the guys to admit are Rohit Sharma (48 runs from 36 balls) and the man of the match – Suryakumar Yadav, who scored 62 from 40 balls. The next game between the sides will be on Friday, and this match shows that top-class cricket is guaranteed. Want to know more about cricket and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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