Officials decided to stop Ireland’s tour in the USA

The covid-related concerns forced Irish and US officials to interrupt the series between the sides. Lately, Ireland has played two T20I games in America, interchanging of victories.

The following was planned for an ODI series, but not a single ball was played. Although none of the involved players gained a positive test, two members of the Irish staff got the unfortunate result. As they were in close contact with some of the players, officials decided to wait for further news but then stopped the tour. The last match should happen on December 30. But by this time, the sides have decided not to put either player under risky occasions.

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The US players were sent home while the Irish team was still in Florida. However, Ireland prepares for the series with the West Indies, and then flying to Jamaica is still in their plans. However, the exact date of the series start now is in doubt.

The unknown is the root of the whole team, not only two infected staff members. They all are locked in the US and waiting for the updates concerning their further steps.¬†Want to know more about latest cricket news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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