Pakistan crushes Australia in 3rd ODI

The dominant victory in the third ODI turned the series in Pakistan’s favour. Finally, the home side found bowling keys to the batters of Australia, who failed their attempt.

Once again, the Aussies started with batting. However, the very first ball of the game showed the problems – Head was dismissed without catching and left the pitch with a duck. The further scenario wasn’t much better – the visitors finished the 6th over with only 11 runs and three wickets lost.

With some sort of stabilised game after the 6th over, the guests clinched 148 runs after the 31st over and five lost wickets. However, in just five more overs, Australia was left with no chance for a mistake (9 wickets lost) and grabbed only 19 runs. Thanks to Abbott’s great 39th over with 21 runs, the guests were stopped in the 42nd over with only 210 runs in total.

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Of course, such a scenario was more than pleasant for the hosts. Pakistani batters entered the pitch with confidence and showed that they would close the game easily.

Although the first wicket was lost in the fourth over, that was the only stump taken by the guesting bowlers. Zaman was dismissed with 17 runs, but the next duo was really deadly through the whole ODI series and just confirmed the status in the last matchup. Ul-Haq brought 89 from 100, while Azam added another century (105 from 115). The guys closed the game in the 38th over and helped Pakistan to win the ODI series 2-1.

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Now the sides will prepare for a T20I as the closing game of Australia’s tour of Pakistan, which will be played tomorrow. Want to know more about cricket news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email


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