Pakistan finally showed their class against Australia in the 2nd ODI

The loss of the Test series and failure in the first ODI doubted the abilities of the Pakistan national cricket team. Of course, everyone respects their class and achievements, but the home series against the Aussies went wrong from the early beginning. And finally, the Men in Green won the match and made it by showing all their character and class simultaneously.

After the first ODI finished with a comfortable score of 313/7 – 225/10 in favour of the guests, another attempt in batting could seem impossible to break for Pakistan. Thus, Australian batters stopped at the level of 348 for 8, with Head and McDermott delivering crucial 89 and 104 runs, respectively. Fifty-nine by Labuschagne and almost a half-century by Stoinis looked persuasive for the guests.

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However, Pakistan was prepared for this game very well in terms of psychology. Zaman’s 69 runs were facilitated by centuries from ul-Haq (106) and Azam (114), which showed the power of the home side. Moreover, all of them made it with an SR 100+, while Babar Azam hit his runs from only 83 balls. In such conditions, even the dismissal of the opening trio meant good chances for the hosts, who caught the needed score with one over in the pocket.

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Finally, Pakistan showed their full potential. The victory 352/4 (49) – 348/8 (50) also pleased the local audience, which saw their beloved cricketers in full charge. The ODI series drew to 1-1, and the final game will decide the winner in the series. Want to know more about cricket news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email


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