Sri Lanka lost to Zimbabwe in the 2nd ODI

A continuing race in the Super League continues, where the top 13 national teams are playing ODI games to qualify for the final tournament in India in 2023. Sri Lanka hosted Zimbabwe and lost to the underdog in the second battle as part of this competition.

The first ODI finished in favour of the Tigers, who chased the opponent’s 296 runs in the 48 overs and secured the victory. However, the second game wasn’t so productive for the home side. Zimbabwe once again started batting and achieved quite an ordinary result of 302 runs with 8 lost wickets. The most impact was made by Ervine, who scored 91 in 98 balls. The partners helped him with a few almost half-centuries to secure a 300 point level.

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But the response by the hosts was poor enough. They started slowly until Shanka took the bat in his hands. He delivered 102 runs in just 94 throws, but he was the only man to make a difference on the pitch. All in all, the Tigers scored only 280 runs with 9 lost wickets. The Chevrons logically took their victory and showed considerable stability in scoring.

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The last ODI between the squads will be played on January 21, finishing the tour to Sri Lanka. Both teams will look for the victory and qualification points, while Zimbabwe has shown that it won’t be an easy game for the hosts, just like everyone predicts. Want to know more about cricket news in India and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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