Vijay Hazare Trophy: results of the quarter-finals

Four quarter-finals for the Vijay Hazare Trophy took place on December 21-22. Services beat Kerala on this stage, which became the most surprising result of the quarters. They’ve also done it confidently, as they chased the needed number of runs using ten overs less: 176/3 (30.5) – 175/10 (40.4).

The other outcomes were more predictive. Thus, Himachal Pradesh overcame Uttar Pradesh pretty confidently: 208/5 (45.3) – 207/9(50). Another interesting pair finished with a too confident victory of one of the teams. Tamil Nadu looked dominant in the encounter against Karnataka and didn’t leave them any chances to be chased: 354/8 (50) – 203/10 (39).

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Vidarbha and Saurashtra played, probably, the most predictable quarter-final. Vidarbha scored only 150 runs and stopped to bat in the 40th over. So, Saurashtra was able to win the match easily: 151/3 (29.5) – 150/10 (40.3). Want to know more about cricket news in India and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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