Forecast for Scotland – Namibia

Well, we continue to follow the World Cricket Championship, which is taking place in Dubai and tomorrow the next meetings.

I would also like to note that today two strong teams from this group met, and the Pakistani national team beat New Zealand. It was a very tight struggle. Everything was decided almost at the finish line, and Pakistan gave a stronger ending.

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The game to review is the Scottish national team against Namibia. This is a game of the group’s outsiders, and the losing team will practically lose its chances.

Scotland did not live up to expectations in the game against Afghanistan, where they were simply smeared, and the Afghan athletes scored 190 runs in their approach. Then Scotland in almost 10 overs and was given a measly 60 points. The Britishers seemed somehow lightweight in terms of size and athleticism, which made Afghanistan look like men were playing against kids.

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The Namibian national team looks larger as there are strong Afro-Namibians, but there are also white guys. Yet, it was the Europeans who brought this sport to Namibia. In our opinion, Namibia beat the Irish national team in the main game, which is very similar to Scotland and lacked athleticism.

Namibia hit harder in the game, and the balls naturally flew further, which played one of the main roles. Namibia played against Scotland on 9 October and won that bout. It won’t be surprising if they repeat that result. Final victory Namibia for 2.23 seems to be attractive. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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