Prediction for Australia (Women) – India (Women)

Well, that we will continue to watch world cricket and tomorrow morning we will have a test match among women, where Australia will play against India. I think the Australian squad is the favorite for this meeting and I expect them to emerge victorious in this confrontation.

Ugra will be held in the state of Queensland in the city of Carrara, which means that Australia is on its territory and this is another plus in their direction.

Well, in the women’s test match there is one less day, and the women play in the four days format. If we look at the women’s tour as a whole, then we can say that the Indian national team is definitely a high-class team, but far from the leader of the women’s cricket, unlike the men’s team. India periodically wins great teams, and recently there was a victory over Australia in a shorter format.

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Australia, in turn, is the most titled team of our time. So, 10 world championships have been held, and Australia is a six-time champion, three times from England and one from New Zealand. A rich history of victories and confrontations in the British derby against the English metropolis.

Of course, I believe that Australian girls are stronger in the long run, and we will believe in the success and confidence of the captain of their team, which is shown in the picture.

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