Prediction for the match between Nepal – USA

Well, what we bring to your attention today is another game of laptes in the framework of the World Championship in the second division, and today there is another meeting. At the moment, the games are taking place in the Middle East in Oman, and this is due to the coronavirus.

Team USA will play their meeting with the team of Nepal and will try to take revenge for the last defeat. Let me remind you that not so long ago the United States played with Nepal and lost only in the end, literally on the flag. After the teams played against the hosts of the Oman national team and in both cases the teams lost to the leader of the championship.

If you look at the standings, we will see that the Oman national team is the undisputed leader and, most likely, they will reach the final, but the US team should think about it, since they have eight defeats and with each defeat they are getting fewer and fewer. chances to stay in the top three. There are stronger opponents at the bottom than the USA team and they need to end their streak of five losses.

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The other day they played against Oman and made strong competition for the team. We scored 230 points, and this is a good result against a stronger team, which gives us hope for today’s game. Nepal, in turn, lost without a chance to the Oman national team and I think that today it will not be easy for them to repeat the success of a week ago. I believe that the United States has taken shape and must take revenge.

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