Prediction for the match Western Australia Warriors – Tasmania Tigers

Well, tonight is the final fourth day of the Australian Cricket Championship match, where Western Australia plays against the Tasmanian Tigers.

Unexpectedly, the western team plays this game rather poorly, having scored a little in the first serves. Total 238 points. It rained almost all day yesterday and the team played little, but entered the field where Western Australia scored 130 points but lost their top three wickets. Perhaps the Tasmanian Tigers can handle the rest of the seven wickets tomorrow.

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Tasmania, despite its status as an outsider after a long break, is playing great. They had two meetings. They drew the Queensland Champion and beat today’s opponent in a Tveenti 20 format. I’m looking forward to seeing Tasmania win tomorrow. Was the post interesting and informative? Want to get more free cricket predictions fot today? Then subscribe to updates on the Cricket 14 portal.


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