Prediction for the match Zimbabwe (Women) – Ireland (Women)

Well tomorrow we will bring to our attention a number of international cricket matches, and I propose to take one game, and my choice fell on the match in which the Irish women’s national team will play against Zimbabwe, and I think that the representatives of Europe will take revenge for the last defeat and win this game.

Unexpectedly yesterday the Irish national team lost their first game to Zimbabwe and I think they are still very popular in their roster and in Ireland in general. If you look closely, the Irish national team has preserved excellent traditions, albeit rooted in ancient times. Thus, this team became the world champion in the format of up to 50 thousandths in 2003. They regularly play in the world championships and are also in third place. The team ranks very high and currently occupies 8th place.

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There are achievements in the European arena, where they have repeatedly beaten the strongest England team. I believe that this team did not properly enter the first game, and this may have been influenced by the long pause in games due to the coronavirus. However, I believe they will take revenge.

The Zimbabwe national team, of course, also often played at the world championships, but, as a rule, everything ended in the first group stage. The team does not have such achievements, and I believe that they nevertheless made a splash in the last game.

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