Victoria – New South Wales cricket prediction

The forecast for the Australian tournament called Marsh One-Day Cup, which is played in the limited-overs format, is up to you now. Both for Victoria and New South Wales, it will be an opening match in the competition. As there are only six participating teams and a round-robin format, every game is extremely important in terms of final standing.

While New South Wales is the recent holder of the trophy, bookies give fewer chances to the team in this matchup. That is because Victoria has smashed NSW two times in a row but in the Sheffield Shield, which is a first-class tournament. As the advantage was crucial and the games were earlier this month, Victoria is surely better ready for the upcoming clash.

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On the contrary, the 50-overs format is a different tournament, where the teams apply another tactic. Moreover, New South Wales is angry enough after two losses and wants to prove they were not accidental winners in the previous season.

The bookmakers offer 1.65 for Victoria and 2.26 for NSW victories accordingly. Taking into account the recent shape of the teams and home crowd for the team from Melburn, the win for Victoria looks like a reliable and profitable bet. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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