The Ashes, Day 3: England is going to come back?

The start of the first Test between England and Australia was pretty disappointing for the guests. They slightly overcame 50 overs in their opening batting and found only 147 runs. The best result for the Britishers came from Buttler (39 out of 58) and Pope (35 out of 79), which are frustrating numbers in terms of runs even for T20 format, nothing to say about the Tests. The fast turn to batting by Australia was secured by Cummings, who made his five wicket haul in the opening innings. But the Australian batter was even more persuasive. An aggressive opener, Warner, delivered 94 runs out of 178 balls, while Head hit 152 in only 148 balls. The disaster finished on Day 3, in the 105th over, when the Aussies had already scored a persuasive 425 runs.

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While one could think that the game was already over, that is not the case for the Ashes in the middle of the encounter. The Britishers quickly turned the competition’s third day to their innings and delivered 220 runs with only two fallen wickets in 70 overs. Moreover, the openers Hameed and Burns scored only 40 balls in 85 balls, while the major portion of balls came from Malan and Root.

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They are still not out with 80 and 86 runs, respectively, and will try to decrease the gap even more on the 4th day. The guests can easily claim a draw even after the frustrating start with the difference of “only” 58 runs and awaiting Buttler. Want to know more about cricket news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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