Forecast for Zimbabwe (Women) – Republic of Ireland (Women)

Well, we continue to follow the cricket games and today I propose to consider the final game of the series, in which the Zimbabwe women’s national team will play against the representatives of Ireland, and I believe that in this game it is the representatives of Europe who will win.

The teams have already met twice and it should be noted that in both matches Ireland is the favorite, and this is not surprising, since they are among the elite of world women’s cricket. At one time they became champions of Europe and the world, so this country has glorious traditions and a basis for future victories. Naturally, in Ireland this sport is developing more dynamically than in the same Zimbabwe.

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In the first game, the Irish national team unexpectedly lost, but in the second meeting, which took place the day before yesterday, they left the opponent no chance and showed their high level. Naturally, today I will bet on their victory. The format is quite long, the teams will play 50 overs, that is, 300 shots, so I think that Ireland played in the second match, felt the rhythm and today will not leave any chances to their opponents.

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In the first game, the Irish national team was let down by the game of bowlers, who hardly destroyed the wickets of their opponents, but in the second match they were able to quickly remove strong opponents from the game, which brought an overall victory.

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