Prediction on Queensland Bulls – Tasmania Tigers

Well, we continue to follow world cricket and tonight I propose to go to Australia, Queensland, where we have an Australian regular season game called Sheffield Shield, and this is a championship following the example of the county championship that is taking place in England.

Our attention is drawn to the reigning champion Queensland Bulls against the Tasmanian Tigers, and unexpectedly Tasmania shows its teeth in this championship opening match. I think with such a game you can take a risk and bet on a win.

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It is necessary to know that the championship is held in the format of a test match, but slightly curtailed, since the teams play only 4 playing days, but overs can be played per day and more than in the classic test game. Tasmania, despite winning three championships in the past 10 years, has been a clear underdog in this game, but as we can see, the bookies are far superior to any praise. On the first day, the team scored 285 points and conceded just three wickets in 96 overs.

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As we will see tomorrow, if Tasmania continue in this vein, they will be able to score even more and it will be almost impossible to lose. It should also be borne in mind that teams play the role of two-inning bookmakers. I think if Tasmania continues and tomorrow in the same spirit they will definitely not lose, but what the champion is now capable of, we will find out in the coming days.

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