Prediction for England – Sri Lanka

Another tough test for the Bees, who will face the favourite of the event and the first cricket team in the rating – England. The latter is one step ahead of the play-off spot after beating their main rival – Australia. Moreover, the Britishers made it in a strong fashion by batting the needed 126th run in the twelves over.

The team of Sri Lanka could hardly expect the promising result before the event, and the opening matches in the round of 12 just confirmed it. Close losses to Australia and South Africa will be probably decisive in their play-off dreams. However, today’s potential victory over England will give them chances to qualify for the semi-final if they beat West Indies in the final game of the group stage.

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No matter who wins the toss, Sri Lanka will surely start batting. England feels confident to bowl first and will try to save the forces of their batters, closing the game after exchange. Total runs in the match under 280 seems to be a nice choice (if England will bat second).

Those who want to risk can bet on Sri Lanka with the coefficient 4, which has shown a nice game in their matches and can surprise relaxed England. Want to read more cricket predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.


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