Prediction of the match between Leinster Lightnin – Northern Knights

Well, what about the tournament in Ireland, where the same teams will play in the tournament, or rather, there are not so many clubs in Ireland, but this is some other cup, only in the Twenty 20 format, and I am not. I see a big difference, as the teams periodically defeat each other.

Our attention is invited to the second round of the competition, in which the Leinster Lightnin team will play against the North Knights team. This is a truncated version where teams play 20 overs and have 120 throws. So in the first round Leinster Lightin won their game, but the North Knights failed their match, where already 3a 11 overs they got all the wickets.

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Naturally, this is a short format, and there is a place for randomness. So the teams faced each other in ODI 50 and this is a format where each team takes 300 shots and then the northern team will beat their opponent. After this victory, they suffered four defeats, and it is time to interrupt this streak.

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Today, as it were, one of the strongest rivals, and this is exactly what suits us. The tournament is short-lived, as only 4 teams are participating here, and today we need to try to play for victories so that the last game in the group is not a formality. I am looking forward to the second successive victory of the Northern Knights.

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