Ravindra Jadeja: Net Worth, Stats, Height, CSK

There are plenty of successful all-rounder cricket players in Indian history, but Ravindra Jadeja takes a special place. He began his career as a promising batter but then requalified into the main bowler. It’s a great pleasure to write about one of the most prominent Indian bowlers who is still playing for the national team.

Stats, records, and play style of Ravindra Jadeja

As a rule, we will start by reviewing the professional side of sir Ravindra Jadeja. He proved that he is a high-class professional all-rounder, although Jadeja changed his preferences during his career. Thus, Ravindra started as the promising left-handed batsman in 2008 but then switched to being a main spin bowler in his teams. Fans know him primarily because of the latter role, so we’ll skip his hitting stats and focus on the main achievements as a bowler. The stats are presented in the table below:

Bowl stats (*as of November 10)
Format Test ODI T20I FC
Matches 56 168 55 218
Innings 106 164 54 189
Balls 13967 8557 1075 3297
Wickets 227 188 46 138
Economy 2.43 4.92 6.99 7.76
Average 24.96 37.36 27.23 30.92
SR 61.52 45.51 23.36 23.89

The numbers show that Jaddu (one of his nicknames) is rather effective in the bowling position. Thus, in 2017 he became a top-ranked bowler, overcoming another prominent Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin. During his astonishing career, he delivered the following pitches:

  • Most wickets in 2008-2009, during the Ranji Trophy
  • ODI TOTY member (in 2013 and 2016)
  • Arjuna Award
  • Third among all-rounder in the ICC’s Tests (rating 338)

Jadeja's birthday, age, height and early biography

Jadeja’s birthday, age, height and early biography

The full name of the considered athlete is Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja. The boy’s birthday is December 6, while the year 1988 is the same as that of another prominent cricketer – Virat Kohli, but a bit later. So, he is 32 at the moment of writing. His father, Anirudh, was working in the security firm in Navagam Ghed, Gujarat. His father’s love of cricket forced the young Ravindra to develop himself in this sport.

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The unexpected death of Lata in 2005, Jadeja’s mother, almost ended the career of the young Jadeja. However, he was able to recover and made an international youth debut in the U-19 squad in just a year. Although Indian youngsters finished one step ahead of the gold in Sri Lanka, two years after in Malaysia, Jaddu was an important player in the squad and victory was taken under young captain Kohli. Having a medium height of 1.73 meters, the guy impressed in both bowling and batting.

What helped sir Ravindra Jadeja to join CSK in IPL?

The Duleep and Ranji Trophies became the first tournaments between the youth tournaments Jadeja played in. His great potential on the U-19 level allowed him to join the national squad in 2009. Although his debut wasn’t great, he became one of the most stable members of the Men in Blue since that time. Interestingly, that was the point when the word “sir” became viral due to joking context and was glued to Ravindra Jadeja.

What helped sir Ravindra Jadeja to join CSK in IPL?

Along with the top activity, he became a target for many clubs in India. Thus, in 2012 Chennai Super Kings were ready to spend about $2 million or almost ₹15 crore during the IPL’s auction. That was the costliest transfer that year in the Premier League. Because of the CSK’s ban and absence in the IPL, in 2016, Jadeja joined Gujarat Lions for a 1.5 lower fee, but then returned to Chennai Super Kings in two years. He plays for them until now.

Ravindra Jadeja net worth in rupees

In 2020, different sources reported that the approximate net worth of Ravindra Jadeja was $7 million or ₹52 crores. Having an annual income at the level of ₹10 crores, he becomes richer by $1 dollars per year. As of 2021, an approximate net worth of Rockstar (another nickname of Ravindra) is about $8 million or about ₹60 crore. He is not as popular as Virat Kohli but still makes huge money from his sporting career and focuses on it.

Personal life of Ravindra Jadeja

Personal life of Ravindra Jadeja: wife, family & hairstyle

The wife of Ravindra Jadeja is a girl from a rich family, Riva Solanki. She was born in a millionaire family and graduated from the Atmiya Institute with an engineering degree. The pair married in 2016, and just in a year, they gave birth to a daughter called Nidhyana.

He isn’t the most active social media user but still has more than 3 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. There, he likes to post his new looks and hairstyle photos. Among the most popular hairstyles, he prefers short sport haircuts, but sometimes he can have long curved hair and combine hairstyle with a straight bearded look.


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