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While almost every professional athlete possesses a strong will, far not everyone can transform this feature into other activities. Gautam Gambhir looks like the perfect instance to discuss the issue – he was a great cricketer, while then went to politics and started a foundation to help the poorest.

Although it’s too early to conclude his social impact at the moment, Gauti’s passion looks like a core driver to the inevitable success during his post-cricket career.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

The age of Gauti is 40, which means that his career ended not so long ago – only three years ago. With a height of 1.65 metres, Gambhir’s main role on the pitch was batting, preferably in the top order. However, he competed with the top Indian cricket legends like Gavaskar, Ganguly, Sehwag, and Dravid at a time, which significantly impacted his numbers on the international stage.

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Nonetheless, his contribution to the victories of the Men in Blue was great, and he was able to overcome his star partners in terms of efficiency. So, the stats for Gautam in the most important competitions look like the following:

Bat stats
Format Test ODI T20I T20s
Matches 58 147 37 214
Innings 104 143 36 209
Runs 4154 5238 932 5470
SR 51.49 85.25 119.02 120.85
Average 41.95 39.68 27.41 29.25
50s 22 34 7 46
100s 9 11 0 0

Interestingly, it’s impossible to name the favourite format for the left-arm batsman. With a quite moderate impact for the national Test team, Gautam’s domestic longest format finished with more than 10,000 runs. With no questions concerning the impact in ODIs, the numbers by Gambhir in the shortest format looks quite controversial. While Gauti hasn’t been a cornerstone in the Men in Blue’s squad for years in Twenty20, his IPL imprint shines brightly.

What relates to the records as part of the career stats, some of his achievements are really great. So, let’s try to list the essential points of Gautam Gambhir’s career:

  • Global-second in terms of consecutive tons in international Tests (in 5 games, in 2009 against three different opponents)
  • Global-third (that time joint first) in terms of consecutive half-centuries in international Tests (in 11 games, from 2008 to 2010)
  • ICC’s best Tests player and the first pick in the Team of Year in 2009
  • ICC’s ODI Team of Year in 2012
  • The joint most paid IPL’s cricketer (with 12.5 crore rupees in KKR in 2013)

With a few great partnership records in ODIs, Gautam is arguably one of the best at a time. His career had two obvious peaks – in 2009 and 2012, while the other periods were just good, especially on the domestic scene.

Gautam Gambhir cricket

Birthday and first steps in domestic cricket

The family of Gambhir has been living in New Delhi and felt good as the father, Deepak, has been an influential business manager. Gautam became the first son in the family and was born in 1981, right in the middle of autumn, on October 14. Two years later, Seema (Gautam’s mother) gave birth to a daughter called Ekta. Although the family wasn’t poor, the future cricket star lived with his grandparents since birth and then with Pawan Gulati, his uncle.x

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The latter was supporting cricket passion in the eyes of the young Gautam, who started playing regularly after becoming 10. Being part of the local Delhi’s schools, Gambhir joined the main squad of the Delhi team in 2003, at the age of 21. Because of his success on the domestic level, he got a call from the national ODI coaches and even debuted that year.

Top performances in Tests, ODIs, and T20Is

The first his Blue jersey appearance was in 2003 against Bangladesh. Although Gauti made his first appearance in the Test squad the following year, his stable performances for the Indian national team started only in 2005. However, the coaches ignored Gambhir in 2007 when they were selecting the squad for the ODI WC that year. However, the failure of the star team on the West Indies’ islands forced scouts to return their sight on Gautam and call him back for the clashes just in 2007.

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The absence of the ticket to the Caribbean was a real tragedy for Gambhir, and he almost fell into a deep depression but decided to fight back his place in the national squad despite the huge number of top-order batsmen. However, the return to the national squad was fast and quite successful, so he even flew to South Africa for the first T20 World Cup at the beginning of autumn 2007. With the biggest runs’ contribution to the final victory, Gautam was even named as part of the event’s best XI and confirmed his consistency in the shortest form of the game.

Gautam Gambhir ipl

Nonetheless, the best years for Gambhir were only in future. His golden period was between 2009 and 2012. Moreover, Gautam was the best Test cricketer in 2009 and even won the Year’s best award by ICC. He spread his form to ODIs with a special contribution in 2012, when he joined the Year’s best XI by ICC. However, the career peak turned fastly into an international decline with only a few appearances since 2012. Moreover, the participation in T20I was finished the same year and the next one in ODIs. Gambhir’s call to the national Test squad and last appearance was made in 2016, close to his overall career finish.

Contribution in the IPL for DC and KKR

The inaugural IPL’s season couldn’t be played without one of the best Indian batters of that time. Gauti joined local Delhi Daredevils (soon Capitals) and even became a captain in 2010. However, the next year he joined Kolkata Knight Riders for that time record bid.

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That move was pretty successful for Gautam. Soon becoming the skipper of KKR, Gambhir led the franchise to the first victory for the team in 2012 and doubled the IPL’s success in 2014. Being one of the most experienced players in the team, Gauti asked bosses to let him return to Delhi before the last season. So, DC became his last IPL’s team after the season of 2018, finishing domestic cricket competitions for the Delhi team the same year. The scoring ability of the 36-year-old batter was quite low at that time, so his salary was much lower than his career peaks.

Gautam Gambhir wife

Personal life: family, wife and daughters, political career

The personal life of Gautam is tightly linked with his youth. As his future wife was from the wealthy Delhi family, Gambhir had known Natasha Jain since youth. However, they became a couple only in 2007 when they announced their relationship. The wedding between Natasha and Gautam took place only in 2011. The couple gave birth to their first daughter Aazeen in 2014, while the second, Anaiza, appeared in the world in 2017.

Interestingly, Gautam almost made no pause between his cricket and political career. After giving the rest for his bat in 2018, he became a member of Lok Sabha in 2019, overcoming his competitors from the East Delhi division. Gambhir went to the Parliament as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Much earlier than politics, in 2014, Gauti founded his own Foundation, which is helping poor children with the provision and access to education.

Gautam Gambhir net worth

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

There is no exact information about the net worth of Gambhir. Some sources talk about 100 crore rupees (or $13 million), while others discuss 225 crore INR (or 30 million dollars). At the same time, Gautam’s estimated net worth before the elections in 2019 was about 150 crore rupees (or $20 million). Gauti had two favourite jersey numbers during his career. Thus, in the Indian national team, Gautam wore mostly number 5 on his back, while in the IPL’s franchises, Gambhir had jerseys with a number 23.

Being a left-arm batter, Gautam was exceptionally good against spin balls. He knew how to prepare all his body for a particular throw and used all his body to hit the delivery: shoulders, legs, and arm-power. Such an approach allowed Gambhir to be great against pacers, too, with a special ability to score a lot against the strongest opponents at his peak. Gauti was also turning good between the formats and batting positions, so he achieved notable success in all the game forms. We recommend subscribing to the updates of our cricket portal, if you want to bet on sports, go to the rating of sports betting sites in India and use the services of one of the trusted bookmakers in India.


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