Mohammad Azharuddin: Age, Net Worth in Rupees

Every story about the former cricket legends can sound strange, while the video of their gameplay seems slow or straightforward. However, the true legends are visible with the naked eye, and Azharuddin’s wrist is pure magic. Mohammad was among the best batsmen of his time, with a crucial contribution to the overall cricket history and not only the Indian part. The only gap in his biography is the match-fixing scandal, which still drops a shade on his public authority.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

The personality of Mohammad Azharuddin is still widely known among Indians. Despite his solid age of 59, he has been serving as the head of the Hyderabad Cricket Association for three years and the political structure Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee for even one year longer. However, here we are talking about his sporting career, so we will focus on the info about him as a cricketer. For instance, one of the basic things is the height of the athlete with a bat, and Azhar has a quite moderate number of 1.79 metres. As he served as the batsman and only occasional bowler, the stats table will consist only of his defending achievements:

Bat stats
Format Test ODI FC ListA
Matches 99 334 130 99
Innings 147 308 196 91
Runs 6215 9378 9640 3563
SR 74.02
Average 45.03 36.92 57.72 47.50
50s 21 58 53 27
100s 22 7 32 4

While the numbers themselves look solid for the player who played in the previous century, Azharuddin has some globally notable achievements. His thousands runs in both International Tests, and ODIs are with strong average, with better numbers on the domestic scene.

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What relates to records, Mohammad set a few records that are still unbeaten in the world. In this case, there is no need to list his domestic achievements, so let’s go with the essential records:

  • The only cricketer with three tons in a row in the first three Tests (against England in 1984-85)
  • Global-most in combined International captaining in a row – 128 matches (98 ODIs and 30 Tests, from 1991 to 1996)
  • The elite club of only 13 players with most catches in a single Test inning – 5 (against Pakistan, in 1989)
  • Global-best partnership for ODI’s fourth wicket – 275 not out (with Jadeja, against Zimbabwe in 1998)
  • The elite club of cricketers with 5000+ runs and 50+ catches in both ODIs and Tests
  • Global-fourth with most International games in a row – 168 (from 1991 to 1997)

There are also numerous intrinsic records like the best Indian partnership for the eighth wicket – 161 together with another legend, Kumble. Also, some of his global and national records were broken only after Azharuddin’s career finished.

Birthday and initial steps before first internationals

The birthday of an Indian legend happened on February 8, in the middle of the previous century – in 1963. Being born in one of the Indian cricket capitals, Hyderabad, Mohammad had plenty of opportunities to hone his skills in the local schools. Luckily, his parents didn’t avoid visiting cricket fields. Both his father, Mohammad Azizuddin, and mother, Yousuf Sultana, wanted him to gain higher education. So, except for cricket passion, Azharuddin received a degree in commerce in the local university.

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Along with a long-lasting international career, Mohammad was playing for his local Hyderabad team in domestic cricket even for a longer period. He started when he was only 18 and fastly gained the regular position to participate in the local cricket tournaments. The good performance allowed Azgharuddin to debut on the international scene three years later, just on New Year’s eve in 1984.

mohammad azharuddin ipl

Participation in Tests and ODIs; match-fixing scandal

The first game in the Blue jersey happened in pretty tough conditions – during the home series against strong England. Mohammad was able to amaze Kolkata’s public with his debut century when he stood alive for more than 300 balls. It gave him a chance to participate in the further games, where none expected a still-reigning record – three games with a century in a row, including the debuting one. Such a performance made him a regular participant of the Indian International squad, so his ODI debut was in early 1985 against England as a continuation of the same British tour. Moreover, in terms of achievements, Azharuddin delivered even more runs in the limited-overs form – almost 10 thousand, compared to “only” 6215 in Tests.

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Azhar cemented his place at the end of 1980th and showed his best in 1990th. One of his most prominent performances happened in England in 1990, when he made a ton from only 88 balls. To remind, those were the times when aggressive playstyle was rare, especially in Tests, where there was no need to risk. Even in his 37, Mohammad looked great and was able to deliver centuries against strong teams, just like he did in 2000 against South Africa.

The cricket career of Azharuddin was interrupted immediately after allegations of his match-fixing participation. Although his tons in the first and last Tests is a record and crucial achievement, Mohammad looked like the one to continue batting after his success against South Africa.

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The BCCI was strict with a verdict – suspension from cricket for the rest of his life, which dropped a shade on the image of Azzu. However, more than ten years later, the High Court of Andhra Pradesh cancelled the timeless ban and allowed Mohammad to touch the game as the committee member, at least. Azharuddin took the main position in the local Hyderabadi Cricket Association when he was 46. However, all those allegations didn’t prevent him from entering politics as a member of the National Congress for Andhra Pradesh city Modarabad in 2009.

mohammad azharuddin wife

Personal life: all his wives and children

The personal life pages for Azharuddin were also quite different and controversial. The marriage status wasn’t an inevitable law for Mohammad, as he had two wives and divorced with both. His first wife was Naureen, whom Azzu married in 1987, even before his career peak. The couple gave birth to two sons: Mohammad Ayazuddin and Mohammad Asaduddin. The first died in a car accident due to numerous injuries. The elder one became spouse with Sania Mirza’s sister Anam three years ago.

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The next wedding of Azharuddin happened in 1996 with a popular actress and media person, Sangeeta Bijlani. However, the star union also wasn’t forever, as Mohammad was linked to Jwala Gutta, a professional badminton athlete. However, the divorce in 2010 didn’t outgrow into a third marriage.

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

The story with Azharuddin’s net worth is a bit weird, just like his match-fixing issue. Some sources talk about a below 10 crore rupees of Mohammad’s savings, while others calculated more than $100 million. Taking into account the way of life of Azhar (his cars, houses, etc.), his net worth in 2022 is between 15 and 30 crore rupees (equivalent to 2-4 million dollars). As he was playing in the previous century, there were no stable jersey numbers, so it’s hard to declare or find exact numbers on the jersey with Azharuddin surname at the back.

Mohammad is widely known for his magic wrist, so many call him simply a wizard. The strokeplay can look like the safe approach in batting, but it’s very hard to cope with all the spins and pace balls, which bounce at different heights. And Azharuddin felt great with strokes due to his elastic wrist, which could change the direction of the hit even if the delivery looked unstoppable. We recommend subscribing to the updates of our cricket portal, if you want to bet on sports, go to the rating of sports betting sites in India and use the services of one of the trusted bookmakers in India.


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