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The question “who is the best cricketer in Indian history?” can contain a single answer, and none of the closest nominees will be disappointed. Sachin Tendulkar, or simply the Master, either Little or Blaster. Of course, we can keep debates alive concerning the playstyle, impact in the T20Is, and opposition, but it will still throw away anyone from Tendulkar and his achievements in the Blue jersey.

And only then can we talk about his records and seal the deal that Sachin is the best not only in India but also one of the greatest in the whole world’s cricket history.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

Tendulkar is the batsman who drove India in the decade before the Millenium turn and another dozen years after that. As he started pretty early, his age now is only 48. The height of the Little Master is predictably not the biggest – 1.65 metres. However, it doesn’t hinder Sachin from becoming the best Indian batter, who also was pretty effective in bowling. Of course, the latter’s activity was occasional, but still, the man took 200+ international wickets in Tests and ODIs.

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As he played only one game in the T20I, there is no need to talk about these modest 10 runs, although his impact on Mumbai Indians’ victories in the IPL was essential. So, let’s look at how the stats can look like if a professional play for 20+ years with full devotion:

Bat stats
Format Test ODI FC T20s
Matches 200 463 110 95
Innings 329 452 161 95
Runs 15921 18426 9475 2787
SR 86.23 121.27
Average 53.78 44.83 66.25 33.17
50s 68 96 48 16
100s 51 49 30 1

Without a doubt, almost all the numbers are astonishing: the amount of games, runs, tons and their halves. And we cannot say that Tendulkar was playing safely to get his numbers – his average in all the forms are respectable enough. Now let’s look at the most annoying but inspirational part of this article – records set by Sachin. Master Blaster has so many records that we have to divide them not to confuse them, in three categories, at least. Also, we’ll only mention the global-best achievements to save at least some time.

Tendulkar’s Test records:

  • 200 – most matches
  • 15921 – most runs
  • 51 – most tons
  • 2058 – most 4s
  • The elite club of 10,000+ runs and 100+ catches
  • ICC’s Year’s best XI (in 2009, 2010, and 2011)

Records set by Sachin in ODI matches: 

  • 22 years and 91 days – longest career in terms of years
  • 463 – most matches
  • 18426 – most runs
  • 145 – most half-tons
  • 1894 – best annual runs’ contribution
  • 2016 – most 4s
  • First to score 200+ runs
  • The elite club of 10,000+ runs, 100+ wickets, and 100+ catches
  • ICC’s Year’s best XI (2004, 2007, and 2010)

Combined records of the Little Master:

  • 20 – most series MVPs
  • 34357 – most international runs
  • 264 – most half-tons
  • 20 – most tons against a single opponent (Australia)
  • 4076 – most international 4s

One can imagine how many second, third and other respectable places he had in his records’ portfolio. Nothing to say about international and domestic awards, including the highest one in India, with only Tendulkar to be a sportsman with the one – Bharat Ratna, received in 2013.

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Birthday, early steps in domestic leagues

The birthday of the future master was in 1973, in the heart of Indian cricket – Mumbai. Tendulkar’s father, Ramesh, had already three children from his first marriage, but his first wife died during the childbirth of the last kid. So, 24th April and the appearance of Sachin with his new wife, Rajni, was a breath of fresh air for a writer.

Sachin Tendulkar cricket

Although the family consisted of four children, they had the ability to give them needed education. At the same time, Sachin was with tough character in his childhood and was bullying other kids in the school. To fix the problem, Ajit, one of the elder brothers, took the boy to the cricket field and asked coaches to look at the promising athlete. However, Tendulkar failed his first-ever viewing as he didn’t cope with the psychological pressure. However, when the same coach looked at the guy so Sachin didn’t know it, he saw all the talent and launched the career of the prodigy.

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Little Master’s age was 11 when he devoted his life to cricket and started playing in the youth teams. Tendulkar rapidly showed potential, so he was even sent to another school to improve his skills and grow as a batter. Only in three years, he actively participated in youth events and played for older teams regularly. Although the competition in the Mumbai team was tough, including Sachin’s favourite player – Gavaskar. Tendulkar made his debut at an astonishing age of only 15 years, scoring an unbeaten ton in the Ranji Trophy. In just a year, the young man put on the national shirt and debuted on the international stage.

Conquering the world: Tests and ODIs, IPL games for MI

Interestingly, Tendulkar could make his maiden international game even a bit earlier than on November 15, when he faced Pakistani bowlers as his first opponents. However, scouts and coaches decided to save the youngster in the previously held battle against West Indies with their aggressive and unstoppable pacers. Although the first Tests weren’t great for Sachin, he made his ODI debut against the same archrivals a month later – on December 18. Of course, he was the youngest Indian debutant in both forms of the game, being only 16 y.o.

Sachin Tendulkar ipl

Although Tendulkar wasn’t stable in his opening games, the potential was huge, and everyone understood it. And while his maiden Test ton was made faster than in a year, right on the Old Trafford in 1990 against the hosts, the ODI’s century became a target for years. Finally, in 1994, Sachin made his triple-digits against Australia (in his 78th ODI clash), which then became his favourite opponent in terms of tons scored against them.

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To understand the greatness of Tendulkar’s figure, the following fact is crucial. With a number of stars in the squad, a 23-year-old Sachin was offered captaincy. However, it wasn’t a role for the Master Blaster, as India failed in most of their matches in Test and ODIs while Tendulkar led it as a skipper. He then refused suggestions multiple times while being a constant member of the national squad. Moreover, a lot of Indian players praised Sachin as a mental leader and the one who made them better on the pitch. It looked like he was a humble guy that prefered to transform his emotions into the playing aspects, but not strategy thinking and scary charismatic facial expression.

There is no need to describe all his impact on the team, as every century was important and had a separate unique story in the background. His story in the IPL wasn’t long and super successful. Tendulkar played in the league only for the home-like Mumbai Indians (MI) and was in the honourable role in the team since the launch of the league. Although the new format and tournament came closer to career end, Sachin got his season’s MVP in 2010 for being the best run-scorer in the competition with 618 runs. MI played 14 games with him and became IPL’s runners-up that Year.

The full retirement for Tendulkar happened in 2013, in autumn. Although Sachin made his last ODI appearance a year ago, his last game was a Test against West Indies at the home ground in Mumbai. Just a month before, he participated in the Champions League for MI, which won the international competition of the shortest format that took place in India as well. Local cricket associations organised a great retirement for the Little Master with a lot of prominent people from and outside sports to visit it.

Sachin Tendulkar wife

Personal life: wife, children, and charitable activity

The future wife of Tendulkar was born in 1967 in Gujarat. The activity of Anjali Mehta was paediatrician activity, but she left it in 1995 after the marriage with Sachin. The couple has two children, with daughter Sara to be born in two years after marriage. The son was born another two years later, in 1997, and the Tendulkar family called it Arjun.

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Although the personality of Sachin Tendulkar can be canonised in India due to his impact on sports, his social activity sometimes seems to be even greater. Thus, he created the Foundation called after Sachin Tendulkar, which helps underprivileged children. Except for this fact, he gave his own funds to other charity activities, called to help children and ill people. Moreover, he usually participates in related activities as a media person and is ready to make social media posts or even perform on behalf of the organisations that want to resolve some problems. He was active after the covid pandemic came to India, so he sponsored millions to help the health care system. Although he feels disappointed because of his popularity and regular attention even at home, Sachin continues using his popularity to make other people happier.

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

The net worth of popular people is always a tricky aspect to be known. Even harder to know it for the athletes who retired from active participation but still have great endorsement contracts and a powerful social media base of followers. Thus, Tendulkar has more than 1100 crore rupees net worth (or close to $150 million). At the same time, his official career earnings were more than 1500 crore INR (or $200 million). However, his active charitable activity means plenty of spending, while the sponsors still pay Little Master about 50 crore rupees per year. A person like Tendulkar usually receives a lot of appreciation, so everyone knows what the jersey number of the athlete was. Cricket fans in India know that Sachin is their greatest number 10, while Mumbai Indians even retired the jersey with this number to praise the legend additionally.

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The playstyle of the legends often becomes the one to be followed by numerous people, but it’s hard to copy Tendulkar’s one. The former Australian cricket legend (with almost 100 average in Tests!) Donald Bradman once said that Sachin plays similar to him, which is a sign of great respect. The common feature of both is the ability to play flexibly, which means diverse strokeplay and sending the same ball in diverse directions. It made Tendulkar’s style really rare and unpredictable. The Master Blaster was known for his aggressive hits, of course. However, experts also noticed that late Sachin was playing safely. Tendulkar explained it as the outcome of numerous injuries and the desire to help the team. After all, the switch of the playstyle didn’t lead to a decrease in SR or average, so he was stable with centuries and half-tons even being close to 40 years old.


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