Bhuvneshwar Kumar: Age, Stats, Net Worth, Wife & Personal Life

One of the best Indian bowlers in diverse competitions, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, has an interesting life and career. At the age of 31, he already achieved notable peaks in cricket for both local teams and on the international stage. Let’s take a more attentive look at this legendary person for Indian bowling.

General info: age, height, playstyle, stats, and records

Born in 1990, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is now 31 years old. Being a pretty tall athlete with a height of 1.75 meters, he is a top bowler. He played in all the cricket formats and tournaments both on the local and national levels. Before discussing his achievements on the top level, let’s take a look at his statistics:

Bowl stats (*as of December 10)
Format Test ODI T20I FC
Matches 21 119 55 49
Innings 37 118 55 86
Balls 3348 5739 1169 9045
Wickets 63 141 53 155
Economy 2.94 5.03 6.95 2.74
Average 26.09 34.18 25.56 26.71
SR 53.14 40.70 22.05 58.35

As one can see, the regarded sportsman has great bowling stats. Moreover, those numbers are still improving as Bhuvneshwar shows a great level of ball delivery. His major weapon is inswing throws, but it doesn’t mean that Kumar’s outswing is ineffective. Nonetheless, the preference to spin a cork-leather sphere makes him more effective in the game’s later stages when the ball isn’t new and is better prepared for spinning and fast deliveries.

Being a profile bowler, Bhuvi (nickname of the considered athlete) is able to bat quite effectively as for typical number 9 or 10. This feature adds items to his list of records:

  • best Indian # 10 to bat in the debut Test (38 runs against Australia in 2013)
  • three half-centuries in a single series by Indian #9
  • first Indian to hit five-wicket haul in the Test, ODI, and T20I

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Early career, IPL & international debut

The future birthplace of Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been the city of Meerut, which is located in the Uttar Pradesh state. The new member in the family of the police officer, Kiran Pal Singh, appeared on February 5, 1990. While the most common variant for the young boys to join cricket is tightly related to fathers, in the case of Bhuvi, his sister played an even more important role. Rekha Adhana encouraged him to join the local section in Meerut, which outgrew into the bright bowling career.

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The first notable steps for Kumar were in 2007 when the 17-year-old participated in the Duleep Trophy competition for Central Zone. The following season, a young prospect astounded everyone in the final of the first-class event – Ranji Trophy. He sent a legendary Sachin Tendulkar to the bench without a run scored, delivering the first duck in the career of a top batter. Since that time, Bhuvi has been performing for the local team Uttar Pradesh in the domestic tournaments.

The logical continuation of the success story is tightly related to the IPL career. Just after the astonishing performance in the Ranji final, he joined the RCB franchise in the Indian Premier League. The performance of the young bowler attracted attention from other teams, and so the Pune Warriors India grabbed a 21-year-old talent before the season in 2011. Even the disbandment of the team wasn’t a problem for Bhuvneshwar, who joined Sunrisers Hyderabad three years after the move to PWI.


Personal life: wife, net worth, jersey number

Another notable woman (except for mother, of course) in the life of Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Nupur Nagar. They have known each other from childhood as they were both born and grown in Meerut. In October, the bowler and engineer became a husband and wife in 2017 after the marriage at Greater Noida.

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There is no exact data about the recent net worth of Bhuvi. Some sources inform about Rs. 51 Crore or $7 million, while others talk about Rs. 65 Crore or $9 million. What relates to salary, there are also diverse data. However, there is no doubt that the owner of jersey number 15 earns more than 5 Crore INR, or even up to 10 Crores.

Why is Bhuvneshwar Kumar not playing?

One of the sharpest questions in 2021 is related to the absence of Bhuvi in the starting squads on the international level. Thus, he missed a Test series against England in May while also being benched throughout the diverse Indian series in autumn. However, the reason is too simple to make a problem – he is not in his best shape. Due to his age of 31 and multiple injuries in the past, the traditional 15th number has a small chance to demonstrate he is still able to deliver quality. However, there is no doubt that a series of domestic appearances in the Vijay Hazare Trophy and other upcoming events will turn an experienced bowler to the top in India.


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