Hardik Pandya: wife, age, father, son, net worth, etc.

The personality of Hardik Pandya ideally fits with the modern lifestyle of a sportsman. He is one of the best all-rounders in Indian cricket; he can be provocative in social media and news, but still has been a nice child for his father and mother, having a wife and upbringing the son. So, sit down in your comfortable chair and let’s go through the biography of the “Hairy”.

General info: age, height, weight, stats, and records

A pretty tall cricketer Pandya is one of the most interesting athletes in the national sport. His height is 1.83 meters, but with about 68 kilograms (or 150 lbs), he looks thin. However, in a game that requires crucial physical conditions, he is probably the best performer of the toughest role – the all-rounder. Want more interesting news about cricket and keep up to date? Subscribe to our portal updates.

Being at the age of 28, his career is only in the golden middle. However, he’s already made enough progress and gotten notable achievements to be included in modern cricket’s Indian Hall of fame. While there are plenty of sportsmen who can bat and bowl at the same time, none of the modern Indian cricketers can really compete with Hardik. The “Kung Fu Pandya” has great achievements in both components, so we provide his stats for batting and bowling:

Bat | Bowl stats (*as of December 14)
Format Test ODI T20I FC
Matches 11 63 54 18
Innings 18  |  19 46  |  58 36  |  47 28  |  20
Runs  |  Balls 532  |  937 1286  |  2530 553  |  839 819  |  1757
SR 73.88  |  55.11 116.9  |  44.38 146.29  |  19.97 49.27  |  56.67
Average 31.29  |  31.05 32.97  |  41.47 20.48  |  27.4 29.25  |  30.9
50s  |  Wickets 4  |  17 7  |  57 –  |  42 6  |  31
100s  |  Economy 1  |  3.38 0  |  5.6 –  |  8.23 0  |  3.27

As we can see, he is actively used in both roles in the national squad. What relates to his recent career peaks, the following records should be mentioned:

  • first Indian cricketer to score 30+ runs and take four wickets in the same T20I match
  • One of only four Indian cricketers to gain an MVP in the debut ODI game
  • The fastest half-century in the ODI game, out of only 32 balls
  • Best on-over result by Indian in the Test encounter – 26 runs

Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Both his batting and bowling statistics are pretty good for recent times.

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Hardik Pandya crear

Birthday and early career

The second holiday in the family of Himanshu Pandya came in 1993, almost in the middle of the autumn. On October 11, the Pandya family received another boy that fell in love with cricket. Two and half years before, the first professional cricketer was born here – Krunal Pandya.

When the family understood the potential of both boys, Himanshu sold his small business in Surat and moved to Vadodara. In the latter city, Kiran More’s cricket academy was a target, and the father of young guys risked all his experience and financial opportunities to give his sons better chances of becoming professionals in the national sport. And that was the right step – he helped both to participate in the international games for India.

The early career of the Kung Fu Pandya began in 2013 when he joined the Baroda team that competes in several national competitions. The young Hardik needed two years to show his real power and incredible perspectives.

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IPL & international achievements

Being a young prospect, the youngest Pandya joined Mumbai Indians before the IPL season 2015. However, his first notable achievement was for Baroda in the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament in 2016, where he delivered six runs eight times in a single game. He admitted his presence in the Mumbai squad with even a more notable achievement when he delivered astonishing 61 runs in just 31 balls. That was a tough situation against KKR that helped him win an MVP award in that IPL game.

The stats of his international career is well-described in the table above. However, let’s mention a few memorable cases in more detail. Thus, in July 2018, he hit wickets out of 38 balls in the T20I against England and scored a crucial 33 runs in 14 throws, finishing the game with a spectacular six. His best ODI game was against Pakistan in 2017 in the ICC’s final with 76 out of 43, although his team was way bad to oppose that day to arch-rivals. The best Test performance was against Sri Lanka during the third Test in 2017 when he made his first century in this format and set the record mentioned in the list above.

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hardik pandya wife

Personal life: father, brother, wife & son, controversies

As it was said, Hardik has an elder brother called Krunal, who also has a few appearances in the Indian national team. They are both playing for Baroda in the local competitions and fighting for Mumbai in the IPL battles. Unfortunately, their father Himanshu cannot support them since May 2021, when he left this world due to heart problems. However, the Hairy is no longer single as he married on January 1, 2020. A Serbian-born actress and dancer, Natasa Stankovic was his girlfriend and became a wife. The same year, they were graced with a son called Agastya.

Being a popular person, Hardik was once caught with a few controversial phrases on the TV show Koffee with Karan in 2019. Together with KL Rahul, they’ve spoken about the intimate topics with ease, proclaiming much more freedom that is accepted in India. Even the BCCI reacted to it and suspended them from the upcoming tours to New Zealand and Australia. However, after all inconveniences were resolved and all needed apologies brought, the guys returned to the Indian international squad.

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting & bowling playstyle

Most often, Pandya’s net worth in rupees is mentioned as 37 Crores at the time of writing this article. However, some sources talk about 30 Crores (or $4 million). His beloved jersey number is 33, which is his ODIs and Mumbai’s t-shirt number. What relates to his professional specialization as a cricketer, he is considered a right-handed batsman. Logically, he also delivers balls as a bowler with his right arm and plays especially effectively as a fast-medium. To win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our new betting sites in India rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.


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