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The combination of “top but young” is an obstacle and power of Ishan Kishan. Thus, a young cricketer from Jharkhand develops in a position that is well completed in the Indian national team. However, his young age allows him to hope for taking this role in future and even replace Pant or Rahul. At the moment, he is doing his best in improving his performance in the domestic games and knocking on the doors of the Men in Blues’ main squad.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

Ishan Kishan is only 23 years old, and his age is one of his main advantages at the moment. With a height of 1.68 meters, he is a batter and wicket-keeper at the same time. At his age, it’s hard to impress with his stats and records, but both aspects deserve to be discussed even now:

Bat stats (*as of January 27, 2022)
Format ODI FC List A T20s
Matches 2 46 77 105
Innings 2 78 74 99
Runs 60 2805 2549 2613
SR 130.43 68.75 91.75 133.52
Average 30 38.42 36.94 28.4
50s 1 16 12 14
100s 0 5 4 2

What catches the eye is his great strike rates in the shorter formats. The special attention deserves his ODI SR, but a beautiful 130+ are the result of only two games. At the same time, this number doesn’t look accidental, as his SR in Twenty20 is even higher. Yes, he hasn’t shown himself in international Tests, but it looks like he is ready to try, at least.

What relates to the records and achievements, a few numbers should be mentioned:

  • the skipper of the Men in Blue youngsters (U-19) for the WC 2016
  • Jharkhand’s best scorer in Ranji Trophy match with 273 runs (in 2016-17, vs Delhi)
  • record-scorer for Jharkhand with most runs during Ranji season – 484 points in six clashes (season 2017-2018)
  • a ton in the Deodhar Trophy final (for India C, in the season 2018-2019)
  • the best scorer for MI in the IPL (516 runs in the season 2020)
  • most sixes award in the IPL season 2020 (30 6s in 14 battles)
  • the biggest impact in the record victory of Mumbai in the Vijay Hazare season 2020-21 (173 runs from team’s 422, + 7 catches as wicket-keeper)

Of course, he lacks Indian national records or achievements, but some of the numbers can easily impress. Being the most resulting player of the IPL team or his impact against Madhya Pradesh in the Vijay Hazare season 20-21 opener – that’s the point that no one can ignore.

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Wiki like biography and first steps in cricket

The beginning of every Wiki article about a popular athlete starts with their birthday and full name. As for the first element, Ishan Kishan saw the world on July 18, 1998. The father of the regarded sportsman has the name Pranav Kumar Pandey, and some sources add all three words to the full name of Ishan Kishan. The sportsman also has an older brother, who helped the young guy to develop as a cricketer.

Although the support of the family is important, even more essential was the decision to move to Jharkhand. The boy was born in Bihar – the state that has its own cricket association that isn’t ruled by the BCCI and so stops the development of local cricket players on the national scale.

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After removal, the guy started playing for the Jharkhand team in domestic competitions, being only 16. However, the first notable achievements came only in two years, at the age of 18. Thus, in the Ranji Trophy season 2016-2017, he set a record as the most productive Jharkhand batsman with 273 runs. Such a performance only facilitated the attention to the youngster, who joined IPL’s team Gujarat Lions a bit earlier in the same year. That was a great start to his career, which was smoothly developing. A few notable performances, mentioned in the records list, attracted more and more attention. So, Ishan Kishan appeared in the domestic competitions more often and took more important roles.

Ishan Kishan IPL

IPL career and first steps in International games

One of the most notable upgrades to Ishan’s career was a move to Mumbai Indians, which are playing in the IPL. While it happened in 2018, the real breakthrough in the tournament came in 2020. Then, Kishan became the leading run-scorer for the team with 516 runs and even gained an important award for 30 sixes he made during the season.

In the following year, finally, the attention from the side of national team coaches came. In February 2021, Ishan was included in the desired list for T20I games against England. While his debut was great (56 runs from 32 balls, victory of the Men in Blue, and MVP status for Kishan), the further games were much worse. Thus, in the remaining four games, he made only 57 runs from 52 balls.

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Interestingly, he made a half-century in his ODI debut too. In summer 2021, he was called to help against Sri Lanka. His debut numbers were 59 runs from 42 balls. However, in this longer format, he played only one more game, making only one run in four balls. Now, he is still waiting for a call for his first Test in the blue t-shirt.

Ishan Kishan girlfriend

Personal life: who is Kishan’s girlfriend?

With no confirmed information, only a few can doubt that Aditi Hundia is the GF of Kishan. The rumours about their dating are more than two years old. During this time, Aditi and Ishan appeared in the social media posts of each other multiple times. However, none of them confirmed close and lovely relations.

Hundia is an Indian model that loves cricket a lot. As she was born in 1997, she could hardly hope for dating MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli. At the same time, a young and prospective Ishan Kishan looks better for adequate relations.

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

Having the age of only 23, Kishan’s net worth is already estimated at the level of 22-29 crore rupees (3-4 million dollars). As he has been playing in IPL since 2016, his salary upgrade looks logical, and now his annual income is around 7 crore INR (or $1 million).

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There is no problem with finding a jersey with Kishan surname; the issue is only which number to choose. As he has no stable place in the national squad, his youth jerseys are available with # 18. In domestic cricket, Ishan hasn’t yet decided which digit he wants and can receive through all tournaments, so the # 23 and # 51 are the choices at the moment. What relates to the batting style, there are some controversies. Being a left-handed batter, Ishan can strike both accurately and powerfully. Sometimes, bowlers cannot understand how to dismiss Kishan, so he can deliver 6s quite stably. At the same time, experienced bowlers are ready to upset him, admitting a weak performance on the big pitches and his wrong positioning sometimes.


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