Anil Kumble: Age, Net Worth in Rupees, Height

With a lot of attention to the modern cricket players via social media and interest in their personal life or latest haircut, true Indian fans should know the legends. Among the ones to obviously talk must be Anil Kumble – a unique bowler with incredible achievements. He was part of the Men in the Blue squad for 18 years and only slightly touched the IPL foundation as a player. So, let’s dive into the contribution that was made by one of the greatest bowlers of all time.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

The recent age of Anil Kumble is 51 years. The best years of the 1.85 meters height cricketer were between 1990 and 2008, when he was actively involved in international clashes for India. As the introduction of the Twenty20 format was only in 2003 with its wide recognition even later, the major figures for the Jumbo (his nickname) come from Tests and ODIs. Let’s take a look at the stats that can surprise the young cricket fans:

Bowl stats
Format Test ODI FC T20s
Matches 132 271 112 54
Innings 236 265 195 54
Balls 40850 14496 26081 1245
Wickets 619 337 517 57
Economy 2.69 4.30 2.52 6.69
Average 29.65 30.89 21.26 24.36
SR 65.99 43.01 50.44 21.84

While the number of matches and innings looks great, the most astonishing seem to be the figures of balls’ thrown, wickets taken, and economy rates. With high competition in India nowadays, delivering 40 thousand balls in Tests only looks almost impossible at the moment. But that is not generated numbers – that’s a mirroring stats of one of the greatest bowlers on the globe in cricket history.

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Anil Kumble cricket

As for records, the list of them is long and can be even annoying if we talk about the achievements of Indians or crucial performances in particular matches. So, let’s list only the most notable aspects that pretend to stay in the history of cricket as almost unbeaten:

  • The second bowler in history to take all ten wickets in a single inning (in 1999, against archrivals from Pakistan)
  • Global-second in most balls delivered in all formats (55346 balls)
  • Second in the world in terms of most runs conceded (28767, controversial but still a notable point)
  • Fourth on the globe with most five-wicket-hauls in all formats combined (37 times)
  • World’s bronze place for most wickets taken in all formats (956 stumps)
  • Member of ICC’s Hall of Fame and numerous civilian awards in India

Interestingly, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Those who watched him in play will remember his unpredictable throws rather than his records. The moment of expecting a delivery and which will be chosen by a master – that is the process that makes cricket fans feel goosebumps and enjoy the game instead of numbers.

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Early biography and first cricket steps

Kumble appeared to this world in Bangalore in 1970, in the middle of autumn (17 October). There he went to school and higher educational institutions. Of course, there he also started playing cricket quite regularly when he was 13. At the end of 1989, Anil debuted in the local Karnataka team, in which he found 4 wickets. It forced the scouts of the national team to call a young bowler to the U-19 squad for the clash against Pakistan youngsters. With a bat in hand, Kumble delivered a ton and added 76 runs in two Tests, so he got a call to the main squad.

However, the debut trip to England in 1990 as part of a Test team wasn’t successful, and he was benched for two years. As the later event shows, that was a time to practice and return stronger, more effective and consistent. During this period, he was actively playing for Karnataka in multiple domestic games and founding his unique bowling style.

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Anil Kumble ipl

International battles and IPL games for RCB

The international debut was in April 1990, when Kumble was called to the battles against Sri Lanka. He was gradually becoming an important bowler for India and started showing his class closer to 1992. After the great performance as part of the Rest of India in the Irani Trophy in 1992, he was called back to the national squad. The return was great as Anil set a new record as the fastest bowler to reach 50 wickets, which he made in only 10 games. However, the record was later broken by Ashwin.

Nonetheless, the pace at that time was great, and just in four years, Kumble showed incredible performance. Thus, he took 90 wickets throughout the whole year with a great average of 24.15 (for ODIs and Tests combined). Another notable year for him was 1999. Then he repeated a record of taking all ten wickets in a single Test inning, which he made against archrivals from Pakistan in the Indian capital.

There was no doubt that Anil would take more records, and he did. Alongside the list above, Kumble entered a rather small list of the cricketers who took 500 Test wickets and scored 2000+ runs. In 2006 also, the Jumbo took his first ton in the Test game against England in the away game. And while it was the longest attempt to score a century (118 games) in Tests, he became the only one man in the history to claim a ton and dismiss all ten batters in a single inning (not to confuse, those were different games, but still a great achievement).

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Although the middle of the 2000th was the beginning of Anil’s finish as an international cricketer, his last game in the ODI format was in 2007. The last Test was even later – at the end of 2008. And while it seemed like the end of the top career, Kumble joined a maiden IPL season in the RCB squad the same year. Moreover, he played for the Royal Challengers from his native Bangalore until 2010, although finishing his domestic career in 2009 for Karnataka. Being at his peak in the late 1990th and early 2000th, he was also playing for several British clubs at their domestic events.

Anil Kumble wife

Personal life and jobs after career finish

The personal life page of Anil Kumble is quite interesting. Thus, he was dating Chethana Ramatheertha in the 1990th, but she couldn’t get a divorce from her first husband. Her daughter Aaruni was an issue that got the divorce to the courts and forced Chethana to live without her husband for more than five years. Moreover, after she was finally free, she was afraid of getting into another marriage, but finally, in 1999, they became husband and wife. Anil took her daughter Aaruni as his own one, but then they were praised with two more children – son Mayas and daughter Svasti.

When playing Kumble’s last season in the IPL for RCB, he was already part of the anti-doping agency. At the end of 2010, Anil became the head of the Karnataka State Cricket Association. This experience was used by Kumble to become part of the ICC’s committee two years later. The list of notable positions was expanded with a cricket coaching role, which he gained in 2016. The end of his career also went in accompaniment of multiple civil awards in India.

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Anil Kumble life in INdia

Additional info: net worth in rupees, jersey number, and bowling playstyle

As Anil Kumble hasn’t been playing for more than ten years, it’s hard to determine his exact salary and net worth in rupees. Thus, some sources talk about the net worth of about 10 crore rupees ($1.5 million) and up to 80 crores INR ($11 million). However, one should take into account his recent jobs and businesses, which still bring a few crore rupees annually along with former earnings of the number 8 (jersey number) of the India team.

Similarly to a lot of bowlers coming into cricket, Anil started as a pacer, relying on power in ball deliveries. However, then he turned to leg-spinning as a right-hand athlete. Also, the list of his best throws includes leg-break googlies, flippers, top and over-spins. All these varieties allowed him to surprise any batter. To win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our betting sites for india rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.


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