Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Age, Net Worth in Rupees, Height, Stats, CSK, IPL

The figure of MS Dhoni is among the most scalable ones in Indian cricket. If we are talking about his skippering qualities, he is among the main contenders for the crown in history. It’s hard to imagine how the discussion about Dhoni could be if he bowled more. Nonetheless, let’s try to keep our heads cold and once more talk about one of the best wicket-keepers & batters on the global stage.

General info: age, height, stats, and numerous records

Although the age of MS Dhoni is 41, he is still an active player at the domestic stage. Having a height of 1.8 meters, which is quite optimal for cricket, he is among the most successful cricketers in Indian history and an absolute beast in wicket-keeping and batting. Being a notable figure and top-class performer, his involvement in the International games and IPL is higher than in other domestic competitions, which played a role of a springboard at the beginning. So, the statistics will be devoted to his performance for the Men in the Blue team and shortest format participation with IPL as the core there:

Bat stats (*as of February 4, 2022)
Format Test ODI T20I T20s
Matches 90 350 98 249
Innings 144 297 85 221
Runs 4876 10773 1617 5318
SR 59.11 87.56 126.13 137.09
Average 38.09 50.57 37.60 38.53
50s 33 73 2 25
100s 6 10 0 0

To expand the understanding of MS Dhoni as the legend, one should know that he has 256 catches and 38 stumpings in Tests, 321 catches and 123 stumpings in ODIs, 57 catches and 34 stumpings in T20Is, and 141 catchings and 50 stumpings in T20s.

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Even if Mahendra Singh didn’t have his wicket-keeping number in his pocket, his batting figures are already enough to praise him. For instance, his average batting in one-day internationals is simply among the best in the world who played a lot of games. However, let’s go to the list of his records and achievements that will help to understand the scales of the Captain Cool (one of the nicknames) for Indian and global cricket:

  • Most captain appearances on the international scene in all formats (332 matches)
  • The largest number of stumpings in a career (195 in all formats)
  • Global-third for all formats in catches (634) and dismissals (829)
  • World-best in T20I number of dismissals and catches in the innings (5 for both)
  • First place in terms of captain’s wicket-keeping matches in Tests (60), ODIs (200), and T20Is (72)
  • Longest no-duck run in the world (85 matches in a row)
  • Fourth-best in batting average in the ODI games with 200+ matches played (50.57)
  • Second most successful skipper in IPL (with 4 titles for CSK)

That’s only a list of the global-leading records, while there is no reason to talk about Dhoni’s achievements inside the Indian team. Of course, it’s easy to dedicate a separate article for Mahendra’s ODI performances, where the list of notable records can be even longer.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni cricket

Birthday and career start

The place for MS Dhoni to appear in this world was Ranchi. It happened in 1981, in the middle of summer, July 7. At that time, Ranchi was located in the Bihar region, but in 2000 became the capital of the new state called Jharkhand. The local same-name team plays in the domestic Indian leagues and tournaments, where MS Dhoni has played since 2004. For five years before this move, Mahendra Singh has been playing for Bihar’s youth and main squads.

The latter place brought initial opportunities for the Mahi (another nickname) to show his abilities in cricket. A few half-centuries via simple but aggressive batting turned the attention of the national scouts on the young man, while his wicket keeping became a timely needed additional option for Men in Blue teams.

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Closer to 2004 and his move to Jharkhand, he received the first chance to show himself on the international scene during the tour to Zimbabwe and Kenya in the Indian A team. Seven catches along with four stumpings were good enough during the tour, but MS Dhoni facilitated them with a half-century and two tons in a row later in the series. The doors into the main Indian squad opened, and the Thala (third nickname) made the needed step confidently and stayed in the national room for a long time.

MS-Dhoni-3 ipl

Top performances: Tests, ODIs, T20Is and IPL

It’s not surprising that most of Dhoni’s achievements are tightly related to the one-day format. His debut in a 50-overs for India was in 2004, with the last game in 2019, with a ten-year captaining period from 2007 to 2017. Actually, the figures from the table above tell even more than any words: 350 games, more than 10 thousand runs, 50+ average, 300+ catches and 100+ stumps – absolute perfection. Moreover, Mahendra Singh was a skipper on multiple World Cups, winning the title three times: in 2007, 2011, and 2013.

The next most important Dhoni’s participation in the blue t-shirt was the Test format, where he debuted in 2005. However, being an aggressive batter, unlimited cricket wasn’t the best form of competition for him, although his contribution is still great in it. Thus, the first time India took the leading place in the ICC Test rankings was in 2009 when Captain Cool was leading the squad. However, the quite weak performance of the Men in Blue in the away Tests forced MS Dhoni to retire from captaincy in 2014.

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A Twenty20 format was much more suitable for the aggressive batter, so the achievements both in the international and IPL were also great for MS Dhoni. Thus, he was a leading figure in 2007 in this format, too and led the team to victory at the World Cup in 2010.

The joining of the Chennai Super Kings is one of the most important moves of cricket players in the IPL’s history. Thus, an experienced MS Dhoni was bought in 2008 and is still in the squad, excluding the suspension of CSK for two seasons in 2016-17. Under captaining of Mahi, the franchise won four titles, which is the second-best result for an IPL’s skipper (Sharma has five titles as a captain for Mumbai Indians).

Mahendra Singh Dhoni family

Personal life: family, wife, interests outside cricket

One of the most important persons in the life of Mahendra Singh is his former schoolmate and now wife, Sakshi Singh Rawat. They married in 2010 and have a daughter called Ziva, who was born in 2015.

MS Dhoni has many interests and hobbies outside cricket. Thus, he is often linked with the Indian army and even holds an officer rank in the reserve troops, while he has been respecting armed forces since his childhood. Also, he is supporting Ranchi’s local hockey club as a co-owner and also has the same status for the ISL’s club Chennaiyin FC. Having a jersey number 7, he also launched a personal brand of footwear called SEVEN, which he is actively promoting.

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Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

Recalling the previous passage, the jersey number of Mahendra Singh is a legendary digit seven. With 7 at his back, Dhoni reached all the heights and now has a net worth of about 800-850 crore rupees (107-114 million dollars). His salary is about 50 crore INR or close to $7 million per year.

The batting style of a right-handed batsman is quite unique. Thus, he can be regarded as a rather straightforward hitter with poor footwork but excellent muscle power. Of course, he has some interesting approaches like helicopter-style, but still, the desire to hit the ball with maximum power is the initial one. It makes him quite predictable but still effective, especially in the shorter formats of cricket. To win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our betting sites for india rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.


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