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Team sports always pays off to bright individuals, whose impact is the most in a particular game. But the final result isn’t only a successful attack or defence; it’s also a stable work throughout the game. And if fans call someone an anchor or wall – that’s the person who contributes at a distance.

This last type of athlete mirrors Rahul Dravid’s impact and contribution as one of the greatest players in Indian cricket history. His stable performance was a core to many victories, while it’s hard to highlight him in particular clashes at the same time.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

The recent age of Jammy (his nickname) is 49, while the height of Dravid is 1.8 metres. Although Dravid made a quite late debut in the major team at the age of 23, his career lasted in the Blue jersey for 16 years. Rahul’s main nickname, the Wall, perfectly describes his importance for India – he was calm and stable in batting, usually serving as the guaranteed runs’ contributor against any opponent. The only man to score a ton against all top opponents on the international level have great overall stats:

Bat stats
Format Test ODI T20s FC
Matches 164 344 108 134
Innings 286 318 100 211
Runs 13288 10889 2555 10506
SR 42.51 71.24 113.55
Average 52.31 39.16 27.47 59.69
50s 63 83 13 54
100s 36 12 0 32

Although the total amount of runs looks astonishing, strike rates seem to be ordinary. However, that is the case when patience and a reliable approach forced Rahul Dravid to play safely against dangerous deliveries but save energy for the next ball. He has never been considered as an aggressive batsman, while Jammy always found the way to score with a needed SR to bring runs stably in any situation. The number of centuries in both Tests and ODIs shows that he used an optimal approach to help the team.

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Rahul Dravid cricket

At the same time, the number of runs themselves seem to be top results and pretend for global records by Dravid. So, let’s look at the most important Rahul achievements:

  • Global most Test field dismissals (210 catches)
  • Global longest no-duck run in terms of ODI innings (120, from 1999 to 2004)
  • Global longest no-duck run in innings of all formats (173 innings, from 2000 to 2004)
  • One of only 11 cricketers with 10000+ runs & 100+ catches in Tests (from 1996 to 2012)
  • One of only 12 cricketers with 10000+ runs & 100+ catches in ODIs (from 1996 to 2011)
  • Second-global fastest run to 9000 points in Tests (176 innings)
  • Second-global in the amount of 4s in Tests (1654 fours)
  • Second-global with consecutive half-centuries in all formats (7 innings in a row, in 2004-05)
  • Second-global ODI inning’s most fielding dismissals (4 catches, against the Windies in 1999)
  • Third-global in the annual runs’ amount (1761 runs in 43 innings, in 1999)
  • Fourth-global in overall Test runs amount (13288 runs during career)

Actually, that’s surely enough to understand the historical impact of Rahul Dravid on global cricket, nothing to say about India. The only element that comes clear from his records is the absence of notable achievements in T20I. However, there are two essential reasons for it, at least.

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First of all, time frames – the start of a career for the Wall was 10 years earlier than a new shorter format was presented. Secondly, his safe style of batting wasn’t the best for T20Is, where risking is more important. It led to only one T20I game in Dravid’s career, which happened in 2011 against England. Simultaneously, Rahul proved that he could be effective enough in the IPL clashes, while the India team needed him in longer formats, much more than in Twenty20.

rahul dravid cricket player

Birthday and first career steps

Dravid’s family was living in Indore when Rahul’s birthday came in 1973, 11 days after New Year. However, the family soon moved from Madhya Pradesh to Karnataka’s Bangalore. As his father, Sharad Dravid, was a worker in the fruit jams factory, the epithet of Jammy soon was given to his older son. The mother of the athlete, Pushpa, was an educated woman and professor in the local Bangalore’s college. That fact forced Rahul to teach a lot and take a degree in commerce, while the boy also learned four languages and looked like a diplomat with all the needed intrinsic calm. Dravid’s family consists of four, as Rahul has a more immature brother called Vijay (not Hazare, of course).

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While the start of his cricket career was in 1985 with further youth Karnataka squads to be played in, Dravid’s debut in the official matches was only in 1991. With some achievements in the Ranji Trophy for Karnataka (a few centuries in a row), Rahul was grinding skills for five years and waited for the initial international game. Of course, after the trying period in India A squad.

Test and ODI participation, IPL games

The start was set to spring 1996 when he first faced Sri Lanka in the One-day encounter. However, his maiden game in the Blue jersey was poisoned with only a few runs. Nonetheless, national scouts were sure of the quality of the 23-year-old player and advised calling him for Tests against England in the summer of that year.

That was a story that describes plenty of his career. Only a few could expect Dravid as part of the starting 11, but the injury of Manjrekar forced the captain to include him for the Test game, second in the series. Rahul was patiently expecting his chance and used it well – 95 runs in the initial appearance in the Blue shirt against a strong opponent from the late order. It showed him as the guy who would be waiting until the team needed him, and he would deliver quality. Just like with his wicket-keeping role, when he was asked to replace injured Mongia three years later and dismissed two English batters.

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rahul dravid coach

In the early 2000th, Dravid was undoubtedly among the most stable batsmen in the whole world. Jammy’s calm character allowed him to score tons and half-centuries in a row (as mentioned in the records’ list); also, he was a middle-order batter. However, everyone knew that Rahul is an anchor, and when the ICC declared an annual MVP award for best in a year, Dravid took the first one in 2004. That was a pure representation of stability as the cornerstone of a professional athlete that helps a team.

However, the second half of the 2000th wasn’t so great for the Wall. Being 30+ years, Dravid was still a reliable batsman, but none expected a huge or growing impact from him. That is why his IPL career was quite calm. Of course, he was among the most desirable picks in 2008 and joined local Royal Challengers Bangalore, but left the team three years later and moved to Rajasthan Royals. With no centuries in the Twenty20 league, Dravid brought 1703 runs in 65 innings with a strike rate of 116 during five years.

Early 2010th was a typical career end for Rahul as he announced a retirement from international events in the middle of 2011. He (unexpectedly even for him and after retirement announcement) played his only game in the T20I against England that year, delivering 31 points with an SR of almost 150. A month later, he also made his last performance with a 19’th number on the jersey’s back in an ODI for the last time against the Britishers. In early 2012, he faced Australia as his last Test opponent. The last games in the IPL were held in 2013 when he took part in the RR franchise and decided to turn to mentoring roles in cricket due to honourable age.

rahul dravid wife

Personal life: wife, children, and recent activity

Close to his career peak in the early 2000th, Dravid became a family man. His wife, Vijeta Pendharkar, has quite an unusual job – a surgeon and agreed to become a spouse for Rahul in 2003. She moved from Nagpur and is also from the same community as Dravid is – Deshastha Brahmin. The couple has two children: Samit (2005) and Anvay (2009).

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The love of cricket forced Dravid to continue the sport-related activity. Thus, after his IPL career finished, Rahul stayed in RR as a mentor. Later, he was appointed as the coach of the Indian youth teams, while in 2021 gained a main position of the main squad of the Men in Blue. Also, he has been a member of the GoSports Foundation since 2014, which is called to help junior Olympics teams and Paralympics as well.

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

One of the most legendary names in Indian cricket prefered jersey number 19. Dravid used this number in ODI and T20. The savings of Rahul still receives regular injections as he has multiple endorsement agreements with world-known brands. Thus, Dravid’s net worth in 2022 is estimated at the level of 172 crore rupees (or $23 million). The annual income is about 12 crores INR or about $2 million.

What related to the playstyle of Dravid was textbook like a right-handed batter. He combined a safe approach with an eye-catching ability to hit the ball with needed power and accuracy. Moreover, his batting style was progressing with time as he improved strike rates of his early career to be successful in ODIs and IPL’s Twenty20 format. Rarely an aggressive batsman with opening roles, Dravid analysed the pitch conditions and bowling approach of opponents, so he was coming to the pitch with a ready plan on how to protect wickets like a real wall. Was the post interesting and informative? We recommend subscribing to the updates of our cricket portal, if you want to bet on sports, go to the rating of sports betting sites in India and use the services of one of the trusted bookmakers in India.


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