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What is the golden age for a cricketer? It’s hard to measure or predict, but their professional athletes usually go to their peak closer to 30, if they are not gymnasts, of course. So, 27 years of Shreyas Iyer looks like the point when the batter can deliver stable quality and still surprise with incredible results.

However, let’s take a closer look at the Indian aggressive opener.

General info: age, height, stats, and records

The age of Iyer is 27 at the moment, and he looks like he is entering the golden stage in his career. He already knows how to be a captain of the IPL team and has set a few interesting records. Being a pretty tall man with a height of 1.8 meters, Shreyas hasn’t gained a stable place in the squad of Men in Blues. However, his averages and strike rates look pretty impressive:

Bat stats (*as of January 26, 2022)
Format Test ODI T20I FC
Matches 2 25 32 54
Innings 4 23 28 92
Runs 202 867 580 4592
SR 58.55 99.08 132.11 81.54
Average 50.50 39.4 27.61 52.18
50s 1 8 3 23
100s 1 1 0 12

Yes, the lack of games in the Tests looks especially strange in this table. However, his first games against New Zealand showed his potential and right attitude towards batting against a strong opponent. With a few dozen games at the highest level, his ODI’s SR is close to a hundred, which is a great achievement for every batter (for instance, Kohli, Sharma, and Rahul have much lower numbers although played more games). In Twenty20 format, Shreyas feels even better with owning a 130+ SR.

Shreyas Iyer

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While the list of his records is quite short, Iyer can still upgrade it in the following years. At the moment, one should know that the athlete has:

  • Top-scorer in Ranji Trophy in 2015-2016 (1321 runs for Mumbai during the whole season)
  • The only 2nd player to deliver 1300+ in Ranji tournament (seasons 2015-2016)
  • Century in the national Test debut (in 2021, against New Zealand)
  • The fourth-youngest skipper of the IPL team (in 2018, he got the leading role in Delhi Daredevils, being only 23 y.o. & 142 days)
  • best Indian scorer in ODI’s single over with 28 runs contribution from overall 31 in six balls (47th over against the Windies in 2019)
  • Highest-scoring Indian batter in domestic T20 – 147 runs (Syed Mushtaq Ali, season 2018-2019)

While those numbers and achievements aren’t bad at all, Shreyas Iyer has plenty of time to improve his performance and get even better numbers in all formats.

Early biography and first steps in cricket

The Iyer family celebrated the birthday of a small Shreyas closer to the New Year in 1994. The exact date is December 6, while the birthplace is Mumbai. One of the biggest cities in the world and second-biggest in India, it became the place for a young guy to love cricket. Shreyas Santosh Iyer was among the lucky children who could not only visit the school but also continue education in the local college, thanks to his parents.

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During this second educational stage, he was active in the college cricket team and batted pretty impressively for his age. There, a former Indian international cricketer, Pravin Amre, saw the young talent and started helping him to improve. As a result, Iyer was included in the list of local teams that went to London for competition, where Shreyas scored 297 runs in three games.

Of course, local Mumbai coaches saw the potential and included the boy into List A of the local team for the Ranji Trophy tournament 2014-2015. With 273 runs and average numbers of 54.6, he attracted even wider attention, including clubs from the IPL. Year after year, Iyer continued his progress for Mumbai. Thus, his notable achievement is also related to the Ranji competition, where his 1321 runs in the season 2015-16 are still the second-best result by a single batsman. In the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, Shreyas also holds one of the records – 147 runs, which is the best performance by an Indian batter in the T20 format in domestic events.

Shreyas Iyer

IPL career and International games

Iyer’s career in IPL began when he was 21. Before the season 2015, he was signed to Delhi Daredevils (or Capitals). In the first season for him, Shreyas added 39 runs in 14 games to his team, winning the award of the Rising Star of the Season. Since that time, he was retained by this IPL’s franchise and even became a captain in 2018, being only at the age of 23.

His international story would be rather great if he debuted in the games he was added to the squad. Thus, he received a ticket to the national team for all three formats in 2017, but his Test debut happened only in 2021, but with a ton against New Zealand in November.

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Interestingly, he didn’t have a regular place in the national team’s squad. Sometimes, he showed a poor performance in domestic competitions and was ignored by coaches. Nonetheless, his record in ODI (the highest-scoring over with 28 runs from 4 balls) and MVPs in the T20Is always make him a candidate to wear a blue t-shirt.

Personal life: family, sister, girlfriend or wife?

While most of the readers want to know about the families of cricketers, Iyer has quite a different request. Thus, his smaller sister, Shresta, received wide attention from the Indian audience as her brother loves to publish common photos on Instagram. She is a professional dancer and uses it to promote herself, but those two Iyers look really great and friendly on social media.

As for his own family and wife, Shreyas doesn’t have them at the moment. Moreover, even the name of his girlfriend is unknown at the moment. Some sources wrote about a businesswoman Nikitha Shiv as his GF, but they just missed the second name of the cricketer. Thus, Shiv is married to cricketer Shreyas, but Shreyas Gopal. At the moment, the amount of photos with my sister is much larger than with any other girl, at least to start rumours.

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Shreyas Iyer hospital

Additional playing aspects: net worth, jersey number, batting playstyle

The net worth of the regarded cricketer is also a matter for discussion. Thus, some sources talk about Iyer’s net worth at the level of 30 crore INR (4 million dollars), while others are sure that Shreyas have more than 42 crore rupees ($5.7 million). The same situation is with salary, which fluctuates from 7.5 crore rupees to 15 crores of the same currency (0.5 to 1 million dollars). The biggest source is IPL’s salary, along with international and domestic events.

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Being compared with Virender Sehwag talks a lot about the style of any batter. Shreyas is only on his way to being as prominent as Sehwag, but his aggressive style can be easily seen. Iyer is among the guys who are ready to risk six points and makes it rather often. That is well-seen in the limited format cricket, where risks are more often than in Tests. His jersey number 41 can be often seen in the middle batting, which allows him to make risky decisions more often than for openers.

Yes, some sort of instability is still present in the game of Shreyas Iyer, but he has time to improve himself and team results. At least, he is not scared of trying to hit a six, which is an obstacle for millions who want to look stable and reliable. To win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our new betting sites in India rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.


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